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Quite Meaning in English


The word ‘quite’ means a great deal, entirely or somewhat. It is usually used to emphasize a point, especially if it is impressive or uncommon. It can also be used to express approval or consent and acts as an adverb. Here are some examples of its use.


The words silently and quietly are synonyms for “not loudly” and “not motion.” Both words imply the absence of noise or motion and describe a peaceful, tranquil environment. While quiet and silent mean that something does not make much sound, noiseless implies that nothing is disturbing or distracting.


The word “quite” indicates “to a great extent” or “to a great degree.” However, when it is used with an absolute adverb or adjective, the meaning of “quiet” is heightened. When used in this way, quite means “really (actually),” “completely,” or “exceptionally.” For example, the crime of rape is heinous. As a result, it is difficult to define exactly what “quite” means – and in some cases, it can become ambiguous.


Exceptionally is a word used to describe something exceptional in some way. Its use in the English language varies according to the context. This word may be used to intensify certain adjectives while softening others.


The meaning of quiet refers to the intensity of a word. When used before an absolute adjective or adverb, quite becomes an emphatic intensifier and means really (actually) or totally. It can also mean rather or exceptionally. For example, an offense such as rape is heinous.


Frank Quitely is an artist who was born into a comics-crazed generation. He first found his calling while launching a new comic book; today, his style is regarded as fine art. Quitely pays close attention to the finer details of his characters. His work has won many awards, including the Eisner Award for Best Penciller/Inker Team.


Moderately is a word with several idiomatic meanings. It can mean reasonable, average, or passably. There are also many synonyms for moderately.


Fairly is a word used to describe something acceptable or reasonable. It can also mean a large degree. The word’s meaning differs from other words relating to a degree. In formal writing, the word is often replaced by the word rather.


If you have to write a short note, the word ‘actually quite’ is a Common adverb that will help you get your point across. It can mean many things, depending on the context, but in general, it means to a certain extent, wholly or extensively. It is often used to emphasize what you are saying and denote something particularly impressive or unusual. It can also be used to indicate agreement and consent.