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Sharma Restaurant – A New Indian Restaurant on the Upper West Side


If you’re looking for an affordable yet tasty restaurant in New York City, Sharma Restaurant is an excellent choice. It serves excellent vegetarian cuisine, including nicely cooked paneer, and its service is excellent. According to Google, Sharma Restaurant is rated 4.1. For those who don’t know the neighborhood, it’s close to Times Square and Union Square, near several subway stations. The address is 385 E. 27th Street.


Savoury, a new Indian restaurant on the Upper West Side, has won many’s hearts. The restaurant features a wide array of tasty Indian dishes, including some that you might not find at other Upper West Side restaurants. Here are a few suggestions for how to make the most of your dining experience at Sharma. First, make sure to book ahead of time. Savoury is only open for lunch and dinner, but you can enjoy a lunch or dinner special.

The restaurant serves contemporary Indian food. The atmosphere is casual and comfortable, and the menu features a variety of starters, soups, salads, and main dishes cooked in a tandoor clay oven. Other dishes on the menu include tulsi kebab, vindaloo with lamb, Goan fish curry, and tandoori chicken. Savoury also offers a full bar and a full-service kitchen.

Lala Sharma’s Sharma restaurant

In the heart of Long Island City’s vibrant Indian community, Lala and Rohit’s Sharma restaurant offers delicious Indian cuisine. The menu emphasizes lighter and healthier dishes like sprouted lentils, crunchy rice puffs, and fried curry leaves. Vegetarian dishes include lasagna gobi, crispy cauliflower, and tangy garlic tomato sauce. The restaurant also serves non-alcoholic beverages. The restaurant is a great place to meet friends or family.

The menu offers vegetarian to meat dishes, with tandoor specialties featured in a separate section. The vegetarian fare is just as colorful and creative as the meat dishes. Sharma is an expert with vegetables and uses tomato, onion, and garlic to make spiced okra. Savory sides include garlic naan stuffed with fresh garlic, Punjabi kulcha stuffed with melted cheese, sun-dried tomato, and fresh herbs and spices.

Chef Lala Sharma started her culinary career at New Delhi’s Bukhara, one of the world’s top 50 restaurants. She later opened her first restaurant in New York, Surya, in 2001. It quickly became a popular restaurant in the West Village, earning a two-star rating from the New York Times. Chef Abishek Sharma’s experience catering for events has been reflected in the menu.

Shane Strangis

A former criminal turned culinary darling, Shane Strangis, has been named as the new manager of Sharma Restaurant in Beverly Hills. He is known as Shane Fox and posed as a wealthy man to get investors to put money in the restaurant. However, it doesn’t appear that Strangis intends to change his business practices. His new wife, Melissa, is very supportive of him.

Melngailis was suckered by Strangis, who claimed to be working for “The Family” to create a new utopia. Despite her disbelief, he convinced her to transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars to his account. He even told her he would make her dog live forever and offered to cover all her debt. He was so convincing that Melngailis tried on an engagement ring worth $800,000.

He was caught in the middle of a scandal involving his gambling. Despite his arrest, Strangis reached a plea deal with prosecutors. He was given five years of probation and paid $840,000 in restitution. He also spent a year in jail for failing to pay bail. He is still on probation in Massachusetts. While Strangis has refused to comment on the allegations in the Netflix docuseries, his mother described the episode as mind-blowing and disturbing.

Besides being a celebrity, Strangis also has an extensive criminal history. He was born in Massachusetts but grew up in Sarasota. His criminal record predates Sarma. The trial didn’t reveal what his educational background was. As a result, Strangis’s criminal past is not well known. He was convicted of fraud in 2004. And his criminal past is extensive, including convictions for theft, assault, and fraud.

Shane Melngailis

Former employees of Shane Melngailis at Sharma, a popular Harlem eatery, are calling for Melngailis to be charged with embezzling nearly $1.6 million from the restaurant. Strangis is not currently in public life. The former restaurant owner is still being sued for the loss. In a recent interview, Strangis said that he is not guilty.

Bad Vegan: Sarma Melngailis and Shane Fox’s ill-gotten gains drew international attention. It’s a Netflix documentary mini-series that follows the true story of restaurateur Sarma Melngailis and her relationship with her boyfriend, Shane Fox. In 2011, Sarma Melngailis met Shane Fox through Twitter and told him he would immortalize her pit bull. The two allegedly planned to expand Sarma’s culinary empire after becoming friends. But instead of gaining immortality for their pit bull, Sarma Melngailis began stealing from her restaurant. Their business was eventually destroyed, and Pure Food and Wine and One Lucky Duck were closed due to unpaid salaries.

After the scandal unfolded, Sarma Melngailis hired Shane Fox to take over the restaurant. Originally named Shane Strangis, he changed his name to Shane Fox to avoid being recognized by other employees. The restaurant’s employees noticed a difference immediately after the two new managers were onboard. They also wished to avoid having Sarma Melngailis in their business.

During this time, Sarma Melngailis and Strangis were on the run from the law. They spent more than $1.6 million at various casinos in Connecticut while on the run. While Strangis was hiding from the law, Sarma Melngailis and Anthony Strangis married. In a bizarre twist, Strangis had even ordered her to try on an $800,000 engagement ring at Tiffany’s.

Shane Strangis’ involvement in Sharma restaurant

The scandal involving Shane Strangis and his involvement in the Sarma restaurant has re-ignited the controversy surrounding the former restaurateur. As previously reported, Strangis met Melngailis, whose real name is Anthony Strangis, throughout his acting career. The two began dating on Twitter in 2011 and married in December 2012. To get closer to Melngailis, Strangis told her that he was due to receive $5 million from a deceased aunt. However, he also told her that he would make her immortal if she had a lot of money. However, his relationship with Strangis was not easy. While married, Strangis was arrested on various charges, including grand theft and impersonating a police officer.

According to the investigation, Strangis and Melngailis were blackmailing each other for money. The two had started correspondence through Twitter, but this relationship was strained. The two played Words With Friends for months. In November 2011, they spoke on the phone. After that, they eventually met for the first time in real life. Afterward, Melngailis filed for divorce from Strangis.

In addition to the scandal surrounding Sarma Melngailis, the new Netflix series Bad Vegan explores Strangis’ criminal activities. Both men had connections to the Republican Party, so it is not surprising that Strangis was accused of fraud. He and Melngailis were found in a motel in Tennessee by Domino’s pizza delivery. Strangis and Melngailis were accused of stealing $2 million from employees and investors, and Strangis also owed $400 000 in taxes. After the scandal broke, both men took plea deals with the authorities and pleaded guilty.

Melngailis had been embezzling $2 million from her businesses to fund Strangis’ gambling habit. He also owed Melngailis $1 million from a previous venture. During this time, he and Melngailis spent 40 days in the dark, avoiding unpaid wages lawsuits. In 2011, Strangis and Melngailis met on Twitter and soon married. Strangis told Melngailis that he would marry her because it would be easier for them to transfer the money.