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Siemens Q2100 2P 100A Circuit Breaker


Siemens Q2100 2p 100a Circuit Breakers are reliable choices for protecting your electrical system against overload and short-circuiting, as they’re easy to install and compatible with many types of panels. The actual Interesting Info about عامل فروش زیمنس.

This plug-in module offers a 10,000 AIC interrupting rating and is compatible with Siemens PL and ES load centers, offering quick installation with ease via plug-in connections and a time-saving install-wire feature.

Product Description

The Siemens Q2100 2p 100a circuit breaker is an award-winning product that provides outstanding protection for electrical circuits. Easy to install and compatible with various panels, its cost makes this an affordable upgrade solution for upgrading electrical systems. Although some reports of faulty breakers exist, most customers have reported positive experiences using this product.

This single-pole circuit breaker from Siemens boasts an interrupting rating of 10,000 AIC and comes equipped with an easy plug-in connection and Insta-Wire feature to offer efficient overload and short circuit protection, ideal for whole house surge protectors as well as quick installation times – an attractive feature suitable for homeowners as well as contractors alike. Its black color seamlessly complements Siemens enclosures. Ideally, it is used with whole house surge protectors for efficient overload/short circuit protection as well as quick plug-in connections, making installation easy. Furthermore, its time-saving Insta-Wire feature makes installation fast, making this product perfect for both homeowners and contractors alike!

When selecting a circuit breaker, it’s essential to keep several factors in mind. Considerations include amperage rating, voltage compatibility, mounting type, as well as interrupting capacity that meets expected fault current levels, and any safety compliance features such as arc fault and ground fault protection found commonly among Siemens circuit breakers.

Product Details

This Siemens circuit breaker is an excellent choice for various electrical applications, offering easy plug-in connections, an AIC interrupting rating of 10,000, compatibility with Siemens load centers, and a time-saving install-wire feature that makes installation quick and painless. Ideal for use with whole-house surge protectors. Customers have given it rave reviews, making this product an affordable way to upgrade circuit breakers.

When purchasing a Siemens circuit breaker, it is essential to take into account both the type and voltage of your electrical system. Determine the amperage rating needed, as well as an interrupting capacity that meets safety regulations. Furthermore, ensure it fits with your existing panel by checking mounting type compatibility.

Additionally, take note of the warranty offered by Siemens. A solid warranty should provide peace of mind and cover any defects or damages caused by the breaker. Similarly, search for special features such as ground fault equipment protection and surge protection that will protect your system from harmful events while increasing overall safety in your home or business. Lastly, compare prices across models and suppliers before making your selection.

Customer Reviews

The Siemens Q2100 2P 100A Circuit Breaker is an exceptionally reliable product designed to protect your electrical system against overloads and short circuits, yet it is easy to install and compatible with various types of panels. Furthermore, its reasonable price makes it an attractive solution for anyone upgrading their home’s electrical system.

When purchasing a circuit breaker, several key factors must be taken into account, including its trip type, interrupting capacity, and mounting options. When matching with your existing system, choose either thermal-magnetic or electronic trippers, as this will ensure optimal protection and performance. It would be best if you also looked out for certification by both UL and CSA to verify compliance.

Siemens EQ, ITE & and Gould Molded Case Circuit Breakers offer reliable overload and short circuit protection, suitable for use with their PL and ES series load centers and meters. Available in black with an AIC interrupt rating of 10,000 AIC, they also feature easy plug-in connections as well as time-saving Insta-wire technology for quick connection setups.

The Siemens Q2100 Circuit Breaker is an outstanding product with numerous positive customer reviews. Customers love its durability and functionality, as well as compatibility with Siemens load centers. At an economical price and with an easy installation process, this breaker makes a fantastic option for homeowners who wish to replace an older or damaged breaker panel with ease.

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