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Tales of the Titans Read Online


The Titans experienced a substantial roster shift with the arrival of J. T. Krul and Nicola Scott taking over art duties, respectively. Impulse also changes to Kid Flash while Raven takes on her damsel-in-distress role.

Tini Howard and Eleonora Carlini shine a spotlight on the alien princess Starfire, an unrivaled fan favorite. Writer Tini Howard and penciler Eleonora Carlini reveal her Tamaranean roots and next steps as this groundbreaking series thunders towards its exciting conclusion!


Starfire is the most vital member of the Titans and boasts an extensive arsenal of powers. She uses her ability to create chromospheres and teleport to protect her friends from enemies; additionally, she is adept at managing her emotions and is an excellent leader. Starfire enjoys an incredibly close bond with Blackfire, often advising how best to deal with problems; she exudes loyalty and justice, while her sister shares similar feelings for Starfire.

After her home planet of Tamaran was devastated by Sun-Eater, Starfire decided to search for new adventures elsewhere and eventually arrived on Earth, where she met Nightwing and his Teen Titans team. Soon after that, she became close with them and encouraged Red Star to use his powers for good while encouraging teammates not to fight among themselves. Starfire quickly established herself as their leader, encouraging teammates not to fight among and stay together; she proved herself an able leader who excelled at keeping them together despite occasional disagreements between teammates; however, she can be somewhat inflexible or even overly indignant when thinking that nobody cared for her or cared about her wellbeing; this makes her one of Nightwing’s most vital characters and best allies when it comes to leading things;

Starfire (Koriand’r) first joined the Titans to kill Rachel to prevent Trigon from freeing, but instead gained amnesia and decided to stay. She later gained full membership status within their ranks.

Hynden Walch plays Starfire on the television series Arrow. She appears differently than in comics, now often with a bare midriff and long hair.


After Cyborg died, Nightwing was assigned back to the Titans with his title and became a partner to Starfire (Koriand’r), becoming a fan-favorite due to her huge heart and fiery fists. Furthermore, Starfire and Dick enjoyed an intense romantic relationship that was even described as being like a family unit by Batman!

As the Titans and their allies were trying to defend Gotham City from an intergang of criminals known as Intergang, their devices began emitting flames throughout Gotham. Batwoman and Renee Montoya led efforts against this threat until finally, after an epic battle, Acheron the demon emerged as the leader of Intergang and attempted binding souls for Zohna as his master. Ultimately, Acheron was taken prisoner by the Titans.

Later, in a subsequent storyline, it was discovered that another Nightwing was operating within the city, who is an impostor who commits heinous murders against criminals while also stealing superpowers from other heroes (including Flash). Once unleashed upon crime sprees by this impostor Nightwing, Dick and the real Nightwing joined forces to hunt him down.

After this event, the Titans were sent back into time to prevent Lord Chaos’ birth, the son of Donna Troy and Terry Long. To keep audiences interested, writers introduced new characters like Damage and Impulse while altering the origins of some others; unfortunately, however, book sales declined, and eventually, it was canceled in 1988; his status would later return in the post-Infinite Crisis universe.

Beast Boy

Beast Boy stands out amongst all Teen Titans as one of their most tragic characters; beneath his comic facade was an intensely depressed young man struggling with life after losing both parents. Drugs and alcohol often proved helpful to help cope with his grief; nevertheless, he remains an essential member of his team as a critical character who enjoys adventure.

This run depicted the original Titans as young adults and introduced Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and former Doom Patrol member Changeling as fan favorites – ultimately becoming fan favorites over time. While not deemed a critical success by all means, this run certainly made its mark on DC Universe while introducing fans to many new heroes.

After Dark Crisis, the Titans must come face-to-face with an unthinkable worst-case scenario that ends with one of their perishing in it. Nightwing’s inner monologue shows that while the team may have experience handling different realities and possible futures, they still must grieve the loss of one of their friends.

While they attempt to adapt, Beast Boy’s powers start acting up, leading him to transform into various animals, such as snakes, tigers, and bats. Furthermore, he attempts to use multiple animal powers at once, which proves dangerous for his teammates.

Garfield Logan (known as Beast Boy) finds himself caught up in the shifting balance of power as the world is transformed into an animalistic kingdom. While other Titans want him to join their group, he refuses and eventually turns to his parents for support, but they tell him it must come from within him alone.


DC Comics’ Tales of the Titans will put the new Teen Titans back in action before their significant screen return; this standalone series based on 1980s Tales of the New Teen Titans will provide issues centered on each member of this iconic team.

This month’s Teen Titans issue features Raven, one of their more captivating members. Her empathic nature makes her well suited to be caretaker of her fellow Teen Titans; furthermore, she can consume emotions to strengthen her powers. Additionally, her dark background – having both human and demonic parents (namely Trigon) has given rise to her complex dual identity, as seen through years by writers’ playing with both sides.

Raven’s story in this issue centers around her struggle to stay pure despite the influence of her father. When a spaceship with Tamaranean markings crash-lands on Earth, Raven goes in search of answers – only to be faced with more demons that must be exorcised from her subconscious self. Unfortunately, Tini Howard and Eleonora Carlini fail to find an approach that elevates Raven beyond what Marv Wolfman and George Perez introduced her as back in 1980.

However, this story still provides a good depiction of Raven as she slowly grows and takes charge of her life. She learns not to consume other’s emotions to help them and proves her empathy can be an asset. While Raven may not pose as much of a threat as some of her brothers or the more potent villains found within the Titans’ roster of baddies, she remains an integral member of their team and should remain such in future installments of Titans.

Donna Troy

Donna donned various costumes during her tenure with the Titans. At first, she donned the iconic red-and-blue Wonder Woman ensemble, followed by one that featured mysterious gifts from Myth Titans; later stories had her take the name Troia while fighting against Lord Chaos as an opponent for them both.

As with many heroes, she died. However, unlike most heroes, she was brought back from death by the Titans of Myth – making her an indispensable member of their ranks once back on Earth.

Her story was intricate, as she struggled with both the demands of everyday superhero life and her new role with the Titans, all while fighting off personal demons within herself that made integrating into team life difficult for her. Consequently, she had difficulty fitting in with her teammates.

John Byrne gave Diana an entirely different origin when the Titans of Myth was revived; he imagined her to be an imprisoned magical double of Diana who lived a tragic life until being reborn again and remembering all its tragedies.

In the 1990s, she was recast as a cosmic character who struggled with reconciling her old identity and new one. Her powers included superhuman strength, endurance, speed, and telepathy – plus portal-creating abilities to enter different realities.

Conor Leslie plays the character of Nightwing on the live-action Titans TV show, portraying an ex-protegee of Wonder Woman who spent time on Themyscira before leading them out as leader of their newly formed squad of Titans under Nightwing’s command. Nightwing also gave her one-night stand partner Arsenal, who later becomes one of his Titans teammates.