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What is Yahoo?


Yahoo was established as an international web portal by Jerry Yang and David Filo in 1994, later purchased by Verizon Communications, and is currently based out of Sunnyvale, California.

At its height, Yahoo was worth more than $125 billion; today, however, its worth has decreased substantially, and missed two significant opportunities to acquire Google.

It is a search engine.

Yahoo was initially developed in 1994 as an Internet directory organized into categories. Founded by Stanford graduate students Jerry Yang and David Filo, who needed an easy way to keep tabs on their favorite websites and news sources, Yahoo quickly evolved into the ubiquitous web directory we know today.

As their site expanded, services like email and search were added, eventually evolving into a global web portal with Yahoo Mail, Answers, and News services.

The original name was “Jerry’s Guide to the Internet,” but it soon changed due to sounding funny. Two men from a Stanford campus trailer late one night decided upon “Yahoo!” because it sounded appealing; using an urban slang term from rural Southern Louisiana used in the 1980s-1990s as someone rude or unsophisticated – without hyphenation as part of its definition – “yahoo!” made for an attractive, catchy name that stood out.

It is a portal

Yahoo was one of the earliest web portals and quickly established itself as one of its primary services. It initially acted as a directory of World Wide Web websites organized into topic categories hierarchically; later, it expanded into providing email, news, weather, and other services.

Now owned by Verizon Media and located in Sunnyvale, California. It takes its name from the fictional race known as Yahoo from Gulliver’s Travels.

Yahoo has found success by embracing the characteristics of its medium rather than fighting them. Given limited internet bandwidth, they focus on slim designs that emphasize providing valuable links – something many web companies miss when trying to emulate television or glossy magazines. Their minimalist design makes the site easy for visitors to navigate while minimizing download times; their success also stems from accepting hypertext structure by offering future technologies as menu items on their homepage and inviting user input through feedback forms.

It is a social networking site.

Yahoo provides various services, including search, email, news, and mobile features. Furthermore, it has social networking capabilities, shopping options, and weather forecasting features.

Jerry Yang and David Filo, two electrical engineering graduate students at Stanford University, founded the company in 1994 after frustration with existing tools to track their favorite websites.

Yahoo was initially created as a Web directory curated and organized manually by humans. Over time, Yahoo expanded into an email, personals, shopping, games, news travel, weather maps, celebrity chat rooms, and online magazines, allowing it to stand out against its rivals, Excite and Infoseek.

It is a news site

Yahoo is a global Internet services provider and web portal founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo, graduate students of Stanford University. Based out of Sunnyvale, California, and owned by Verizon Communications, Yahoo provides various online utilities and information such as search engines, email services, news articles, music downloads, sports scores, and content delivery for its users worldwide.

Yahoo’s success can be attributed to its willingness to adapt to the changing medium rather than trying to counter its weaknesses. Due to limited Internet bandwidth, they utilize a slim design without trying to replicate television or glossy magazines.

Recently, Yahoo has been plagued with numerous major cyber attacks. In 2014 alone, hackers gained access to over 500 million Yahoo accounts–including names, phone numbers, and passwords–prompting it to change its privacy dashboard by requiring users to provide an email address and security question before being granted access to their data.