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Aegon Life Insurance Reviews


Before looking at Aegon’s life insurance policies, it’s essential to understand what the company offers. The company offers a variety of different products to both individuals and businesses. Additionally, it provides various support services for free. These services include the Health & Wellbeing Service, Second Medical Opinions, Key Person Replacement Service, and Funeral Payment Pledge. Despite these benefits, many customers have complained about the company’s poor customer service.

Whole of life

The Aegon Whole of Life insurance policy is an excellent option for those looking for a comprehensive life cover. This policy combines several types of coverage, including income protection, permanent disability, and death benefits. Customers also appreciate the flexibility that this policy offers. Aside from offering great value for money, this policy has a good track record of high payout rates.

The new whole-of-life plan offered by Aegon is simple and tailored for older people who may have a tax liability, and the application process is fast and painless. The main difference is that Aegon has realized that too many policies are not written in trust, making the process as easy as possible for IFAs to apply for the policy. However, it is worth noting that while the process can be quick, the paperwork does need to be signed in person.

Income protection

Aegon offers a good income protection proposition with various customer benefits. The company’s policyholders can choose to receive benefits over a certain number of months or even choose to receive them every week, month or quarter. In addition, the company applies the activities of daily living definition to a broader range of roles, including those with higher risks.

Aegon provides a PS5,000 lump sum to your loved ones if you die during the policy’s term. The company also waives your premiums after the first claim, which is an excellent benefit for those who cannot work for some time. However, once you return to work, you must pay new premiums.

Accidental death benefit

The Accidental Death Benefit of Aegon Life Insurance policy pays out in the event of accidental death during the policy term. Accidental death occurs when an insured party dies within 72 hours of an accident that was not caused by a pre-existing condition. This policy is capped at PS250,000 but offers other features, such as an optional waiver of premium and an income protection option.

A claim can be filed by submitting the claim form and all the relevant documents to the insurance company. The insurance company will pay the sum assured to the nominee or legal heir. Once the claim form is submitted, the insurance company will send the cash payout in the form of a post-dated check to the nominee or legal heir.

Terminal illness cover

Aegon Life Insurance offers several types of life insurance. Some provide a lump sum in the event of your death, while others offer regular income payments. Their terminal illness cover provides a lump sum upon diagnosis of a critical illness. However, you must be 18 years old or over to be eligible for coverage. In addition, you must be a resident of the UK to receive a death benefit. Some plans also include a critical illness benefit. These policies pay out a lump sum if you die, but you must be diagnosed within 14 days of your policy.

If you are suffering from a terminal illness, Aegon Life Insurance offers a terminal illness benefit. This feature waives future base premiums and pays out up to 25% of the Policy Sum Assured. The maximum benefit is Rs100 lakh. The policy excludes suicide, alcohol abuse, failure to follow medical advice, and war and aviation.

Tax benefits

Aegon Life Insurance offers a range of benefits that can reduce your tax bill. The company offers a range of tax-free products, including a policy that reimburses your premiums for unpaid premiums. In addition, a policy can save you money on taxes by allowing you to claim certain deductions and exemptions under the Income Tax Act of 1961.

The company offers a variety of policies, including term and unit-linked insurance plans. These policies are designed to provide financial protection and maximize your investment. You can choose from various term lengths and receive up to a 105% bonus on your premiums. Additionally, tax benefits under Sections 10(10) and 80C can be claimed for premium payments. In addition, Aegon Life offers policies with bonus accrual, which means you can increase your benefit amount over time.

Customer service

Aegon Life Insurance Company Limited (Aegon) is one of the leading insurers in India. This international company began its operations in India in 2008. They offer a wide range of insurance products for people of all ages and financial statuses. In addition, their customer service representatives provide quality advice and after-sales support.

For any policy-related questions, customers can speak to a representative who will provide a fast response time. They will also be able to provide information about policy features, such as switching funds, auto rebalancing, invest protect options, policy nomination, and premium payment details.