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The Best Erica Ps4 Review You Will See On The Internet!


Today, we come up with another ps4 game, I will discuss Erica Ps4 Review with you guys, and it is much fun and thrilling game.


Erica is a thriller FMV game, and the main character played by the actress Holly Earl with Sasha Frost and Chelsea Edge as Hannah and Tobi respectively in the main cast. 

Story of Erica Ps4

The story is about someone who kills a plot where a girl named Erica is seen, both of his parents, and is concerned about finding his parents’ killer. 


The Erica Ps4 Review will make you interested in this game, as it is one of the best thriller games on PlayStation 4. Erica is having nightmares and visions about the killers, and she has to find out the killers of his parents. The killer of his parents is a very close person of hers.


Critical Erica Ps4 Review by gamers

The gamers liked this game very much, and they have given honest reviews about this game. Erica is a fun and thriller game with the mystery of the murderer to be solved. We can play this game and have the perks of watching a mystery film because it is based on FMV. 


Sony has made this game very interesting hence attracting the attention of gamers from the world. The cast and the storyline, and the game’s shooting are so unique and unprecedented that anyone would love to play it.


Controlling Erica in the game

Yes, we can control the main character with the dual shocks of our ps4, but some of the events are pre-recorded, and we cannot change them. The story completes at its ending, making the killer arrested and Erica is soothed. We should play this exciting game because Erica Ps4 Review is incredible.


If we do not find the game easy to play with the dual shock controllers, then there is another method to download Erica’s app from the Google play store or the following link.


Installing Erica app PS4 on mobile

We can download the Erica app PS4 from appinterior.com or Google Play and control all the games from start to end using our smartphone. The smartphone will be acting as the touchpad; it was a function developed for people who found it a little challenging to control the game with a smartphone’s help. 

The app is simple to download, and we can download t from the link given above, open the link, install the app from this site, and get the app that you can use to control the app.


Is Erica a good game?

Yes, Erica is a very awesome game released by Sony for its ps4, we can see a girl who is hopeful to explore the mystery about her father and she remains timid and resolute while trying to learn about her dad.

How scary is Erica ps4?

Some people think that Erica is a horror game, but in fact, it is not; we can see the Erica Ps4 Review, and conclude that it is a thriller and awesome game that keeps on quenching the interest of the player to play more and explore the secrets of the father of Erica.

How many endings does Erica ps4 have?

Giving you an honest Erica Ps4 Review, there are 6 endings of Erica and you can keep on playing this game and unlock all the endings.

Is Erica ps4 real?

Yes, all the characters in the Erica ps4 are real.