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Medievil Ps4 Review: Your Best Guide


Medievil Ps4 Review is a perfect game, and in fact, it is one of the best games that have ever been remade, as it shows us one of the boldest scenes of the old video games of the 90s. 

In this Medievil Ps4 Review, we will talk about the game’s excellent features and the drastic scenes that made this game one of the top raking games in the list of ps4.

The main character of Medievil, Sir Dan, is a mysterious person that loves to collect and make their closet full of skeletons, the old game of the same name has the same scenes, and this is making the fans excited, so we can play the game using the dual shock controllers, and one would love this game.

The game hit the market in 2019, and when the trailers went out, it was one of the greatest selling video games of all time. 

Since it is a very charming and thriller game, Sir Dan, who is fond of collecting the Skeletons, is now back with new missions; we can play this game, and it will be completed in almost 9-10 hours on average.

The game has fabulous graphics and excellent shooting places, and hence it seems that whoever plays the game will love it and rate it as a true fan.





  Main Story


8h 51m


  Main + Extras


10h 38m




15h 40m


  All PlayStyles


12h 17m


 Medievil Ps4 Review: New Additions

We have a new addition in the game, which is termed Lost Souls. Let’s talk about what is lost souls how they attract the attention of gamers.

Lost Souls

Along the main paths, Sir Dan will get new missions by the hidden ghost, and Sir Dan will collect all the lost souls and fulfill their requests and wishes. This is one of the quenching factors that make you feel that gameplay is fantastic and very good.

Medievil Ps4 Review about Problems in gameplay

There are some problems in the game that was also present in the original game;

  1. The dodgy camera
  2. The stiff gameplay

Since the game is a remake and has many advancements, improvements, plus additions, we can also see that there are some problems with the camera, it is dodgy, and even players may complain about the stiff gameplay. Still, an accurate fan may forgive these errors and find the game way more interested.

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How many hours is MediEvil PS4?

If we see Medievil Ps4 Review, the average playing and completing time for the game ranges from 8 hours to 12 hours, depending upon which type of mode you are playing, the complete info about the playtime is given above at the start of the post.

Is MediEvil PS4 a remake?

Yes, it is a remake of a British-origin video game that was released in 1988, it was a big hit in the market, and the same was expected by the remake of Medievil which made the Medievil Ps4 Review lit.

Is MediEvil PS4 good Reddit?

Obviously yes, Medievil Ps4 is a very charming and thriller Halloween game, remade by the developers, it hit the market in 2019 and received much appreciation, and Sir Dan is the main character that is collecting the lost souls in this remake as an addition to collect the skeleton in his closet.

Does MediEvil autosave PS4?

Medievil has no autosave and no checkpoints, we have to save the progress manually to save and track all the games we have played so far.