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Extra Skin After Weight Loss: Ways to get Rid Of It


Like a lot of my patients, maybe you have dropped weight recently in an effort to the health and lower your risk for severe diseases like diabetes as well as heart disease. And like the patients, you may not have been ready for the loose skin that may occur along with weight loss — especially if you’re over age group 40! Take heart, although, as there are several things you can do in order to tighten up your skin again which I’d like to tell you about.

Lose The Weight And also the Loose Skin!

In your 20’s you could lose 20-30 pounds in a month and your pores and skin could bounce back fairly very easily. As we get older, past the 40, and especially past age group 50, skin loses a few of its elasticity and capability to bounce back as quickly mainly because it once did. We should try to lose a significant volume of weight quickly – 1-2 lbs a week is best to help our skin re-adjust itself.

Should you have lost a significant amount of fat, such as 50 lbs or higher, it will take a little longer for your skin to re-form to your smaller frame with a lesser amount of fat. If your BMI (body mass index) was around 40, to begin with, you may need a surgical procedure to remove excess skin in most areas, especially if it is liable to rashes and infections. Nonetheless, your skin is an amazingly robust organ and, with the delay pills, it can re-form into a scaled-down frame. Here are some things that support this:

Diet. While you were weight loss, hopefully, you were eating far more protein. If not, some of your weight loss could have been muscle tissue and this should be rebuilt so that the skin possesses pumped-up muscle to hide now instead of fat. Be sure you are eating adequate amounts of healthy proteins. Figure 0. 5 h per pound of weight. Ex. Weight: 150 lbs/75 grams protein every day for you to re-gain muscle mass.

Water. Normal water is crucial to skin suppleness and plumping up-dropping skin. In fact, a simple analysis of dehydration is skin area “tenting” on the back of your forearm. If you can pick up skin in these areas, you aren’t dehydrated and need water. Take in a minimum of 64 ounces involving water a day, although many analysts advocate more, such as three months to 100. However, drinking anything above this, unless you are sweating quite heavily can have negative well-being effects.

Vitamins. The best supplements to rebuild skin and the particular collagen that helps it continue to be firm and elastic is usually Vitamin C. I recommend people take at least 1, 000 mg of Vitamin M a day in divided dosage amounts of 500 mg. These assists build collagen that results in the “scaffolding” structure within your skin and holds the idea together. Other supplements which will help our liquid collagen can be bought in most health food stores. This may help skin elasticity.

Bodybuilding. As I mentioned earlier, skin lies more than fat and then muscle underneath it. When you lose the majority of the fat, skin only offers muscle and bone in order to drape across. Hopefully, you had been weight training during your weight loss to create muscles while losing fat. Otherwise, you have some work during a workout session to do! Start weight training, 3-4 times a week. Ladies, avoid worry, you don’t have the androgenic hormone or testosterone levels to get huge cumbersome muscles. You will get tighter, well-developed, and slightly bigger muscle tissue that your skin can ornament across more attractively. Unwanted weight numbers may bump up on the scale, but added muscle mass is a good weight. It’s body fat weight that’s unhealthy. Glutamine. This recommendation comes through bodybuilders who regularly health supplement with this amino acid to build powerful muscles AND tighten pores and skin during and after significant weight reduction. Glutamine powder, or pills, can be bought at most health food stores. Get 5 grams on a vacant stomach before weight training as well as 5 grams afterward. Get an additional 5-10 grams prior to bedtime to augment muscle as well as skin repair that occurs while the asleep repair.

Skin brushing/exfoliating. Pores and skin cells die and slough off on a daily basis. Sometimes they cannot shed as quickly as they should be and form a dry-out, dull layer over brand-new skin. It’s important for new skin area cell growth and well-being to remove this layer involving old, dead skin tissue. This can be done either powerfully doing a dry skin scrubbing on a daily basis or using a medium-coarse exfoliating skin cleanser from the shower 2-3 times every week.

Skin wraps. A service of countless spas, these are basically gauze bandages soaked in natural and organic mixtures that draw along with tightening skin. You can be bandaged head to toe, or just trouble spots like arms, thighs, along with waist/stomach. Then you either accomplish light aerobic exercise to raise your whole body heat or are placed on some sort of far infrared heating baby blanket. Many of my patients declare by wraps for shrinking skin, reducing unsightly dimply skin that can make loose skin areas look much worse, along with inch loss.

Laser tightening up. Laser procedures heat collagen and elastin fibers underneath the skin and result in the shrinking and tightening of these constructions, tightening the loose pores and skin. Consult a good plastic surgeon for this procedure. Can be a little costly, however, the results may be worth it for you. Burn more fat. You might be surprised to hear that portion of sagging skin is that it really still has fat pockets inside it causing it to hang. This runs specifically true of upper/under arm pores and skin, and inner/upper thighs, legs, and waistline. Be sure to do some cardio/aerobic work, and lower your carb consumption a little to help burn all those extra fat pockets out of the pores and skin. Add these nutritional supplements: Tissot 3’s, green tea extract, and L-carnitine to aid in fat burning and consume plenty of water.

Far infrared sauna. Available at certain health spas for a weekly fee, you might as well buy your own unit with regard to home use. There are also far infrared arm, thigh, and entire body wraps for spot fat reduction. Unlike steam saunas, much infrared saunas burn subcutaneous fat and reduce cellulite, along with removing toxins from the entire body and burning calories. Recommended two times a week. Drink lots of drinking water during use.

Let me additionally say, congratulations on your weight reduction! It’s a big accomplishment and you ought to be proud of your effort. Right now, put a little extra effort straight into tightening up your loose skin area and you’ll be even more satisfied with yourself and how amazing looking for!

With more than three decades of expertise in treating thousands of patients, you may say I’ve seen all this. I treat a wide range of skin area conditions- from cancer for you to acne- and believe that all-natural, practical alternatives carry the morning.

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