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How you can Obtain an Accurate Quote Intended for Solid Surface Worktops Similar to Corian Worktops or Staron Worktops


Choosing your new worktop can be a daunting task stuffed with technical jargon not to mention a big array of different worktops to select from. Not least of these would be the solid surface worktops. Using their seamless lines and unlimited possibilities solid surface worktops are becoming the choice for your household work surfaces. Although there are many strong surfaces on the market Corian, Staron and Tempest are the marketplace leaders. Unlike many of the less expensive surfaces on the market, the standard page thickness is a 12mm thick acrylic polymer foundation with natural fillers for example quartz. This in turn makes these types of worksurfaces durable enough with regard to even the toughest home or even work environment. In addition to this both Dupont (Corian) and Samsung (Staron and Tempest) operate a comprehensive training procedure for all their certified and certified fabricators. As a result, means that if you buy from a certified fabricator you could be sure of the workmanship of the job.

Myths Surrounding Strong Surfaces

It Scratches. However no more than any other kitchen surface area. All Worktops do scrape but only with too much use such as repetitively with it as a chopping surface. This is correct for all Kitchen Worktops, even so, the main advantage of sturdy surface worktops is that they might be easily repaired. Most fabricators can provide you with a chopping board in a matching color for your worktop either included in the price tag or at a small charge. Using this Chopping Aboard prevents worktop scratches absolutely.

You can’t put hot kitchenware on the Worksurface While placing a red hot pan upon any kitchen work exterior is ill-advised and definitely will either blanch, discolor or maybe affect all worktops In the matter of solid surface worktops hob bars can easily be routed into the surface next to hobs or even “staging areas” within the kitchen area. This prevents color blanching with even very hot cookware. At this point, it is worth observing that placing an extremely very hot pan directly onto any kind of kitchen worktop will create burn-off marks and or blanching involving color. In most cases, manufacturers highly recommend the use of pan stands along with trivets to prevent damage to typically the worktop. The Main advantages of Sturdy surfaces are that they are quickly repairable meaning that in the improbable even if the damage can occur the damage can be mended easily.

Obtaining a Quotation

Earlier in the article each Dupont and Samsung suggest that you use a certified and certified fabricator to ensure the quality of the workmanship of your job along with qualifying for the respective 10-year warranties offered by each DuPont and Samsung. Most of the time going directly to the fabricator will also save you money frequently much as 40% or even more. When going direct toward the fabricator the more detail you are able to give regarding your worktop specifications the better. To help you obtain a quick and accurate quotation we now have put together the step-by-step guideline below including the details you can be required to provide.

Contact Details Person’s name Installation Address including just about any pertinent details eg Excessive Rise Flat, Contact Number including a convenient time to get a hold of you Email Address (Your Quotation along with Relevant Information will be mailed to you)

Timescale Remember to provide an approximate timescale involving when you would like work for you to commence

Services Required Employing a certified and licensed fabricator allows you to take advantage of the eight-year warranty available for both equally Corian Worktops and Staron Worktops as well as saving you dollars. In most cases, all of the three companies below should be requested in order that the perfect fitting of your cooking area worktop.

Templating A full MDF template created onsight permitting a made-to-measure worktop to be created to the exact measurements required. This will also offer you a good visual representation of the size and shape of your worktops. Laserlight Templating Where required any laser template may be used rather than the MDF template.

Fabrication Here is the crux of your worktop design and includes shaping, thermoforming, and manufacturing your worktops to the highest standards.

Setting up A certified and licensed fabricator will install your worktops and will allow you to qualify for the particular guarantee available from Dupont (Corian) and Samsung (Staron, Tempest).

Information required to supply an accurate quotation Below is actually a list of all the information required to create an accurate quotation for your worktops. The key to getting a comprehensive estimate from a fabricator is to give as much information as possible regarding the worksurface you require. Ballpark statistics based on loosely gathered details can often be very inaccurate because of a lack of information. The guidebook below is designed to be as thorough as possible.

Kitchen Plan To supply an accurate quotation a fabricator will require a plan or drawing of your proposed worktop. This lets the fabricator determine particulars such as where on website joints will be located in addition to details of any potential things blocking the path that may need to be overcome during a lot of installation of your worktop.

Worktop or Worksurface Required. Which usually worktop you require is of primary importance when receiving a quotation as each substance is costed differently. Figuring out which worktop you are interested in permits us to accurately cost your worktops.

Colour Required With some of such materials the core substance (color) is price joined ie cheaper or more pricey based on the color. This means that several colors are more expensive than other folks. As a rule of thumb, the particular colors with the bigger dust it will be more expensive than the sound colors.

Overall Thickness connected with Worktops Required most standard house worktops are 30mm as well as 40mm however when using a fabricator you can choose whatever thickness connected with the worktop you require. This can offer great effect when creating house islands where the thickness of the worktop can be shown to the whole effect. If you are choosing a plumper worktop please be aware that this will probably raise the overall height on your worktop. In most cases this is not a problem however in a small number of cases this will likely bring your worktop in contact with an obstruction. Look at the proposed worktop position comprehensively before obtaining a quotation

Worktop Dimensions Length and Width of Each Worktop please provide the Length and Width for each and every piece of worktop you require like any pertinent information including islands, radiuses, and curved shapes.

Upstands or Splashbacks Expected Solid Surface worktops support two types of upstands. Whatever upstand type you choose a built-in upstand makes a beautiful add-on to any work surface. (Please define height) we are able to provide virtually any height required from a small 50mm Upstand to a full level wall cladding.

Coved Upstands (Please specify height) you can easily provide any height necessary from a small 50mm Upstand into a full height wall cladding. As shown in the photo below coved upstands clean up from the worktop to the divider seamlessly. This is the more expensive of the two options due to the supplemental labor involved.

Square Upstands (Please specify height) you can easily provide any height expected from a small 50mm Upstand with a full height wall cladding. As shown in the graphic below the square or typical upstand consists of the two portions butting up at 80.

Splashbacks Required Splashbacks with Corian, Staron, or Tempest As a fabricator we are able to generate beautiful splashbacks to match as well as compliment your worktop. Splashbacks can be cut to orientation. They can even be fabricated inside a complimentary or contrasting coloring. These solid surface splashbacks are easy to clean and maintain, repairable, smooth, and make a beautiful addition to some kitchen worktops. Solid area splashbacks can also incorporate plug and switch cutouts.

A glass splashback has become increasingly popular in the last few years and is increasingly showcased in modern kitchen style. If you simply have to have a cup splashback we have a wide range of colors and patterned splashbacks accessible.

Cladding Required Wall Cladding. A certified and licensed strong surface fabricator of Corian, Staron, and Tempest will certainly be able to provide solid surface area wall cladding. Made to calculate wall cladding can include sockets and switches while required and can be used to cover up wiring etc in business-oriented projects.

Shower Cubicle Cladding. Due to their nonporous nature Corian, Staron and Tempest are fantastic for the bathroom environment and can be thermoformed to any imaginable shape. Being mindful of this these products make ideal shower trays, bathroom wall cladding, bathtubs, and basins.

Furniture or maybe Table Cladding It is possible to clothe existing furniture in sometimes Corian, Staron, or Tempest allowing us to create a number of truly beautiful pieces of furniture. If you are after a particular piece of furniture to be created please supply a sketch along with contact details and other essential information

Worktop Edges Regular Worktop Edges The standard sides outlined below will not impact your pricing and are within the fabrication costs of your worktop. The Edges available are the following although it is worth checking together with your fabricator as some dissimilarities do occur.

Single Pad Round

Double Pencil Spherical

Single Round

Double Spherical

Single Bevel

Double Bevel

Single Ovolo

Double Ovolo

Single Spanish

Double Spanish language


Single Imperial

Particular Worktop Edges. The particular edges outlined below hold an additional charge and as such can affect the overall cost of your own personal worktop. This is primarily because of the additional material and work involved.


Concave along with Inlay

Top or top Inlay



Walked back

Worktop Returns Come back Ends. If you require the finish of your worktop run to become shaped this can be outlined on the plan or detailed within your quotation information. Some of the options listed below Radiused a single nook will be radiused Double Radiused eg breakfast bar Angled One corner of the worktop will be angled. Breakfront. A place of the worktop is lengthy forward

Doglegs or Conclusion panels if you require a curve or return end -panel (Floor to height involving worktop for example at the end of an island or breakfast bar) please specify the height, girth and thickness required. Remember to also mark its spot on your plan.

Sinks Essential Cutout Only / Individual Sink If you only require some sort of sink cutout in because of an existing sink or if your own sink, please aspect the sink size web browser Single bowl, Bowl along with half Double Sink. In the event that available please supply the vehicle type of your sink (This is especially important if you require a Belfast sink cutout).

Corian Bowl / Staron Sinks are manufactured from Corian and Staron correspondingly and can be seamlessly joined within your worktop. Including the size of your own sink base unit assists us to advise you on the sink selection(all we need may be the total width of your kitchen sink base unit). Corian Basins are available in several sizes and shapes.

The actual Cast Sink range comes in four colors Glacier White-colored, Cameo White, Vanilla as well as Bone. Made from Corian the actual cast sink range may all be seamlessly joined right into your worktop. Being joined up seamlessly and being nonporous there is nowhere to harbor germs or build-ups which means your sink is easy to keep and will stay looking excellent. In the unlikely event that this sink becomes damaged, the actual sink can be repaired or even replaced by a certified as well as licensed fabricator

Corian Basins basin range is available in the actual four cast sink colors and can be seamlessly integrated together with your worktop to make a beautiful inclusion to any bathroom.

Fontana Basins are available in all colors associated with Corian and match precisely to your worktop color Fontana sinks are a great choice if you are looking for one thing special. Although more expensive than the cast sink variety, each sink is bespoke and manufactured to match your worktop accurately.

Corian Sinks Mix an Array Sinks are available in the Corian color of your choice with a metal base and in sizes geared to any kitchen.

Staron kitchen sinks cast range are available in various sizes and shapes from single serving sinks to bowls. 5 sinks to double servings. The cast sink array is available in three colors White colored, Ivory, and Pearl

Staron Sinks Thermoformed Range For sale in all the staron colors, Staron sinks in the thermoformed array are bespoke and made in various sizes and shapes to exactly match as well as complement your worktop coloring.

Tap Hole CutOuts In order to correctly place all your taps you will require a faucet hole cutout. For the reasons the quotation the number of engaging holes required to be lower will be needed, however when you finally order your worktop often the make and model of your tap as a way to ensure the correct cutout is produced will be required. Please have cutouts for water softeners, cookers, and other similar goods. The positioning of the touch will be determined on a web template.

Drainer Grooves Straight Flutes As the name suggests right flute drainer grooves are usually straight lines that come to be deeper when moving to the sink. As Corian, Staron and Tempest are entirely nonporous these can be sliced directly into the worksurface and after that polished. Due to the drainer stripes becoming deeper as they go towards the sink water effortlessly drains back into the destroy.

Patterned Drainer Grooves When your tastes are a little more unique or if you need to take advantage of living space around a corner sink we can easily create just about any simple structure for your drainer grooves. However, it is worth noting that this can certainly incur an additional cost and can result in no fall drainers. Principally this means that water would possibly not drain back into your destroy.

Recessed Drainer For a modest additional cost it is possible to recess the entire draining area by means of 3mm allowing you to create a distinct and practical sink place.

Hob Cut Out If you demand a hob cutout to be changed to your worktop please define. Once your worktop buy has been completed we will require the model number of your hob so that you can ensure the correct size of the cutout is made. For the purposes of the particular quote, however, we will only have to know whether a hob fit is required.

Optional Extras and also Additions

Support Rails In The location where the worktop spans a length greater than one meter and is also unsupported steel support side rails will be required. This will put an additional cost on your worktop based on the length and level of steel support required. This process of supporting your Corian Worktops and Staron Worktops can be used to create beautiful and also extensive overhangs and morning meal bars.

Window Sills A new fabricator may be able to produce magnificently integrated and seamless eye-port sills in all the worktop tones. if you are interested in a citation for window sills I highly recommend you specify thickness, depth sufficient reason for required along with height by worktop if you require often the window sill to be faultlessly integrated.

Inlays can be lower to include inlays of different tones and patterns. These are in particular effective for use in pieces of furniture or centerpieces and create interesting edge facts and windowsills.

Additional Lower Outs We are able to provide supplemental cutouts for kitchen sinks, hobs, wall sockets, increase sockets, tap holes, extractors and pop-up sockets

Dicing Boards If required you can easily provide additional chopping snowboards. Please advise us that you need additional chopping boards at time of quotation.

Hob Bars and Pan Breaks We are able to supply sets connected with integrated hob bars for your worktops. Available in premium quality stainless steel these can be incorporated into the worktop at a smaller additional cost.

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