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Holiday Plus Size Clothing Store Guide


Shopping, for most women, is a relaxing and fun experience, something to look forward to. However, shopping during the Christmas holiday season can be far from relaxing. To learn about aulora review, click here.

The people-infested malls and stores might turn around the relaxing shopping spree altogether, making you feel uncomfortable and more stressed! The added pressure of needing to buy so many things in a short period does not help and continues to add to the pressure.

During the Holidays, shopping around would be much easier if everyone knew exactly where to go and which shop to visit to find items needed. Going into a store with the assurance that the item you are looking for will surely be found would make any stressed-out shopper much more relieved. How many hassles and headaches would be avoided?

In this article, I attempt to relieve some tension by guiding curvy women to the right plus-size clothing stores. For easier reference, I have separated the suggested plus-size clothing stores by type of person targeted and area of specialization.

Curvy Teen

  1. Torrid – Torrid has quickly, and rightly so, become one of the favorite plus-size fashion stores among teens and the young at heart. Specializing in sizes 12 to 26, Torrid offers a wide variety of fashion items, including accessories and footwear, which would appeal to any plus-size teen looking for something fun, stylish, and colorful. Here you can find clothing that suits any time of the day, from career wear to formal wear and everyday items.
  2. Alight – Carrying plus-size clothes in sizes 14 to 28, Alight is often termed as an online plus-size shopping mall, and for a good reason too! Alight features a very extensive fashion collection for full-figured ladies from a handful of different clothing lines and designers. This extensive choice ensures that teens will find what they need at Alight.
  3. Sydney’s Closet – I have said this before, and I still think that Sydney’s Closet is a plus-size teen girl’s dream come true! Teens looking for a formal dress or ball gown for a special occasion, especially with the Holidays on the way, will find a wide variety of options at Sydney’s Closet.

Plus Size Career Woman

  1. Avenue: Avenue is without a doubt a familiar and dear name with all plus-size ladies. A name that crops up in any plus-size fashion search, Avenue offers great options for the busy curvy career women who always need to look their best. So whether it is shirts, skirts, blouses, or suits that you are looking for, Avenue is indeed a place to check out. Catering to sizes 14 to 32, Avenue also carries the CloudWalkers footwear line.
  2. Jessica London – Catering to sizes 14W to 32W, Jessica London should become another go-to spot for career women looking to update their wardrobe. Again Jessica London offers women a wide variety of options, including suits, skirts, blouses, jackets, and even footwear. With prices to suit all pockets and promotions going on frequently to help you save some dollars, Jessica London is another option that should not be overlooked.
  3. Lane Bryant – Another name that is very familiar with plus-size women, Lane Bryant is a great place to go to for formal and career wear. Quality and reasonable prices reign highly at Lane Bryant, where the area of specialization is sizes 14 to 28.

Sophisticated Cat

  1. IGIGI: Any plus-size woman who wants quality and stylish fashion created to make her stand out from the crowd will fall in love with IGIGI. Catering to women who wear sizes 14 to 32, IGIGI carries a wide variety of items that scream out style and class. So if you’re looking for dresses, skirts, tops, or pants, check out IGIGI.
  2. Kiyonna: Sophisticated plus size fashions in sizes 12 and up are all you will find at Kiyonna, that is their area of specialization, and they pull it off well! But, again, Kiyonna carries a wide variety of items to help any curvy woman complete her wardrobe in style.
  3. Monif C – If you are looking for something classy, sophisticated and one of a kind, definitely check out the clothing offered by booming plus-size fashion designer Monif C. Her items scream out style, are very colorful and make the most of a woman’s curves.

Full Figured and Mature

  1. Catherine’s – Catering to sizes 16W to 34W, Catherine’s is a sure winner for mature plus-size ladies. Mature women can find Catherine’s many clothing items in plus sizes, including intimates and swimwear. Classic styles and impeccable quality will put Catherine in every mature woman’s good books.
  2. Ulla Popken – The clothes found at Ulla Popken epitomize quality and style for the mature plus-size woman. An all-rounded store that will help women fill up their wardrobe! The styles and designs offered will surely appeal to mature women looking for something special to wear.
  3. Zaftique: Zaftique offers a variety of quality plus-size items in sizes 12 to 38. Again, Zaftique features various items, including accessories and swimwear, which appeal to the mature plus-size woman.

The stores detailed above give you a good round-up of the best places to turn to during your Christmas holiday shopping spree. Knowing where to look will help you greatly save time and find the needed items.

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