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Home in a Heartbeat With Galey Alix Giveaway


Galey Alix is a full-time Wall Street executive with an avid passion for home design. After sharing DIY projects on social media, they soon gained popularity – now she renovates homes in just one weekend for HGTV!

To enter, tune in on Wednesday nights and look out for HGTV’s special announcement with its secret code word. Once identified, visit their website within the entry period and enter it within this code period.

Get a chance to win $5000 in cash.

Galey Alix, known for her DIY skills and millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram, now stars in her HGTV show Home in a Heartbeat with Galey Alix on Max. In this show, she renovates homes for families with compelling backstories in just three days; no mean feat given the limited time available – yet Galey remains focused and determined.

Galey opened up to Insider about her strategies for meeting tight renovation deadlines, admitting that she often stays awake during an entire job, worrying if it will work out successfully. To stay awake during renovation projects, she wears black Spanx tights and Ugg boots and has her elbow-length blonde hair organized using multiple elastic bands.

The Home in a Heartbeat Giveaway is a sweepstakes competition designed to reward loyal viewers of Home in a Heartbeat with Galey. Open to US residents who are 18 years or older; viewers must watch each episode of Home in a Heartbeat with Galey until spotting a code word and entering it online during its entry period on the HGTV website – then visit when entering into contest’s entry period for a chance at $5,000 cash prize and five merchandise prizes as winners!

Galey Alix possesses an unusual approach to home improvement. A Wall Street executive by day and DIY design maestro by weekend, she uses her creative DIY design expertise to transform family spaces according to individual needs and goals. Home in a Heartbeat with Galely Alix follows Galely Alix as she uses her remarkable do-it-yourself abilities to give homeowners new energy within days!

Galey’s success proves that great things are possible despite obstacles. She discovered home improvement after an emotionally trying breakup and now enjoys an impressive following on social media. Unafraid to express herself freely, Galey effortlessly showcases her authentic personality and enthusiasm for home renovation.

Get a chance to wear her hat.

Home in a Heartbeat with Galey Alix offers you an exciting competition to win various prizes! To enter, watch each episode and enter its secret code word to enter this giveaway – along with cash prizes, you may even get the opportunity to wear Galey’s iconic hat!

The show follows Galey, an expert Wall Street financial whiz and DIY designer, as she renovates homes for families with intriguing backstories. Given she only has three days to complete each makeover, extra careful planning must be undertaken so everything arrives on schedule.

Galey stands out among home renovation personalities because of her openness. She began posting videos on social media of her work, which quickly went viral. Following that success, people started approaching Galey to redo their homes – all while continuing her full-time role at Goldman Sachs Asset Management as vice president and regional director – using weekends and vacation days to redecorate houses for needy families.

Galey is a financial whiz and talented DIYer from Wall Street who takes on family homes for total renovation in one weekend. She and her crew meticulously plan each project to every detail before working tirelessly on them until complete transformation occurs.

Galey has become well-known among celebrities such as supermodel Elle Macpherson, who hired her to redecorate their homes.

Home in a Heartbeat with Galey differs from most reality television shows in that it doesn’t focus on competition; rather it showcases some of the finest examples of home design and decor. Each episode inspires some of the most stunning and functional spaces on the market and how to incorporate some of their ideas into your room.

Get a chance to win swag.

HGTV offers viewers the chance to win Galey Alix’s signature cap through its Home in a Heartbeat with Galey Alix sweepstakes. To enter, viewers need to tune in each week and spot a code word during an episode of Galey Alix on HGTV and spot one code word during each program – one will win it all, while five merchandise prizes can be won if desired! Before entering, make sure you read and adhere to all rules and regulations of the sweepstakes in advance if desired!

Galey Alix, a Wall Street finance executive by day and designer by night, began designing as an outlet to deal with her broken engagement. Soon after posting videos of her renovation projects online, many asked if she could help their homes as well. Now, Galey spends her weekends renovating spaces into dream homes for clients nationwide.

She takes great pride in her work ethic and believes that great design stands the test of time. While keeping up-to-date with current trends can keep plans looking modern, she prefers using neutral hues and mixed metals and not overmatching materials such as faux or real wood for longer-term solutions. She likes natural materials over synthetic ones for longevity.

Galey brings energy and enthusiasm to her work, as evidenced by her massive following on social media. Her uncanny ability to put clients at ease and hard work to deliver excellent results is the main draw for so many clients. In addition, she is immensely down-to-earth.

Home in a Heartbeat with Galey premieres every Wednesday on HGTV and Discovery+, featuring her working on houses with families to transform them. Galey takes an innovative approach to each project – she builds relationships with families she’s working with so they understand why changes are being made in their home space.

The first family she worked with had an intriguing backstory, with an emotional reveal that garnered over 30 million views on social media and catapulted her following skyward. Since then, she has helped numerous other families buy homes.

Get a chance to win merchandise.

Galey Alix has become an iconic face in home improvement on HGTV and is widely followed on social media. Her show, Home in a Heartbeat with Galey Alix, follows this Wall Street financier as she and her team transform family homes in one weekend! Additionally, Alix recently launched a sweepstakes competition where viewers can win up to $5,000 cash and merchandise! You can enter now!

Alix’s success on HGTV is a testament to her hard work and passion for her work as an investment banker on Wall Street while spending her weekends renovating homes for families in need. Viewers adore her show, becoming instant hits across HGTV. Due to its immense success, she now has her reality series!

Alix isn’t afraid to talk openly about her struggles; her journey into interior design began due to heartbreak: She was engaged to be married and set on purchasing her Connecticut dream house when her fiance left just weeks before the wedding date – this was devastating, yet Alix decided that this adverse event should lead to something positive – thus leading her to create the show she now hosts on HSN.

Home in a Heartbeat with Galey has an engaging format that stands out from other home renovation shows. The hosts travel to families’ homes and get acquainted with them before stunning them by transforming their spaces in just one weekend! Each episode is entertaining and can inspire viewers to tackle home remodeling projects themselves.

To be in with a chance at winning merchandise, tune in weekly to watch the show. Every week, there will be a unique code word; enter online using these and comply with all rules!

Home in a Heartbeat with Galey contest winners are determined through a random drawing. Each will receive a $5,000 cash prize plus five merchandise items, including her signature cap.