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If you love to play games online, here solve your stressful life. We have designed an application for you, which is Jumbline 2

Whether you are a student or a child, everyone likes to play games.

Necessarily, online in their free time for their enjoyment. Jumbline 2 is a game that is fun for anyone who plays it. It is compatible with Android and iOS 11 or its later versions. Jumbline 2 is a free game that does not require paying any amount. In this game, you need to struggle and flourish your intellect to make the game easy for yourself.


  • You need to install the application on your iOS or Android mobile phone.
  • Then you would require reorganizing the scramble alphabets into words.
  • Underline those words with your finger.
  • Analyze your score points.
  • After this, you will proceed to the next level.

Jumbline  is not a time-based game. It is free from the pressure that you have to complete a level within a particular time limit.


Jumbline  is an online application that offers you supplementary two different games. The name of the games is cloud pop and star tower. These two peculiar games are full of fun, and you will enjoy playing. 

The Cloud pop game is simple to play. Burst the cloud by clicking on the cloud and also spell out each word in the cloud.

Star tower, in this you have to use your intellect as 

This game includes a line of characters infuses randomly in different proportions with each other. You require constructing the longest tower in these words. There is a tip for you: the bigger your castle is, the less time it will take to fall.


  • Jumbline 2 is compatible with all Apple products, whether the iPhone or iPad.
  • Jumbline 2 provides alluring animations and luscious graphics.
  • It offers beyond 20,000 puzzles.
  • You get a choice for yourself to select time or runtime mode.
  • You can learn unfamiliar words daily. The application provides the facility of an inbuilt dictionary.
  • While playing a game, it provides you the flexibility to play songs of your choice.
  • Jumbline  provides you an opportunity to be recognizable globally through leader boards.
  • Jumbline 2 offers enjoyable and demanding accomplishments.


  • It helps to grow the learning ability of your player.
  • It helps to boost up the memory of the player.
  • It increases the intellect as the player will need to make unfamiliar words.
  • It encourages the player to play along with friends and interact with them.
  • It also helps to concentrate on one thing only.
  • As alluring graphics players, the elementary visual process also improves.


Jumbline  is a game that can play along with every age group of people. This game helps them to relax their mind. Jumbline  offers a benefit to the users, as this game is free and is compatible with Android and iOS. If you want to experience a game with easy play mode and astonishing graphics, you can switch to Jumbline . Jumbline 2 offers you two impressive games: cloud pop and star tower. So, you cannot get boor if you have Jumbline 2 on your mobile phones.


Is Jumbline 2 game is free to download?

Yes, it is free.

Is there any compatibility issue with the iPhones?

Your iPhone must be an iOS 11 version.

What is the benefit of the Jumbline 2 game?

It offers various benefits. It helps to make your memory active, interact with your friends, and enhances your learning ability.