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Why Crosswords with Friends is a Highly Popular Game Today?


The crosswords with friends are no doubt an interesting game and can be easily played by all. It is similar to crosswords that we used to solve on pen and paper, but with a slight difference. This game is available in the form of an app. Once you are done with the app’s downloading, you will be ready to access the same anytime.

What is the Specialty of the App of Crosswords with Friends?

The interesting game of crosswords with friends is all about solving crossword puzzles through a few tapping. Interestingly, if you are unable to solve anything and get stuck at some point, you will be able to purchase partial or complete answers. In case you commit the blunder of entering the wrong letter, you need to complete the same before moving ahead.

The total number of stars earned is directly proportional to the total time taken in finishing the puzzle. Though the game’s name indicates a multiplayer game, in reality, it is a single-player based tournament. Based on the total number of puzzles completed, you will win several stars.

What Makes Crosswords with Friends among Funniest Apps?

The game of crosswords with friends is not a social game, but is after-all, a great puzzle-solving game. From casual to hardcore crossword fans, everyone will remain happy and excited. The game will not only help in improving your English but also boost the level of your concentration. 

The puzzles that you will come across will be supplied through the partnership along with People Magazine. Along with comprising a few challenging steps, these puzzles will help you avoiding distraction. The hunting system will provide you with a good backstop if you are unable to figure out any answer. 

What are the Levels Available with the Game?

The crosswords with friends game comprise all types of games for all types of players. From beginner to advanced, all levels of games are there. Hence, if you are going to attempt the mind-teasing game of solving crosswords for the first time, you will undoubtedly find the game interesting. 

With an increase in the game level, you will come across various types of challenging turns. Those turns will serve as eye-openers for you. If you want to come across a binge, you need to access them through a few tappings. Once you master the levels of the game, it will become easy to guide the newbies.

What are Some Exclusive Ways of Resolving Puzzles?

The way to resolve puzzles available at crosswords with friends solely varies from one player to the other. It is your way of approach to solving the problem in the best possible manner. Solving horizontal and vertical puzzles will let you exclusively pass your free time.

While travelling a long distance, your smartphone will be your best friend. Hence, downloading the crosswords with friends app will help in making your time highly creative. With various games being added regularly, you will get an opportunity to explore more opportunities.

If you have kids, then talking to them about this game will be a great idea. Slowly, they will be able to arouse their levels of interest and will be able to enhance their stock of words.


What are the system requirements to run crosswords with friends?

Android, iPhone and iPad.

Is the crosswords with friends game free or paid?

The game is absolutely available at free of cost.

Is the game crosswords with friends made for all?

Yes, the game of crosswords with friends is made for all.