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Enjoy the interesting easy cryptic crossword


All most everyone is aware of the easy cryptic crossword. Remember, when we try to solve the puzzle in the newspaper. If I talk about me, I was crazy about those puzzles, even now too. Whenever I get time, I try to solve the cryptic crossword. Those black and white square box gives you a nostalgic feeling. Here, I will discuss this puzzle and how you can play with this puzzle, how it is, etc. 


What is an easy cryptic crossword?


An easy cryptic crossword is a very famous crossword puzzle. The clue is hidden in the word itself. You have to try to find that out. The origin centre of the puzzle is the United Kingdom. The cryptic crossword is very popular in the UK. 

The game is popular in other places as well. For example, Israel, Ireland, Netherlands, and many other commonwealth countries, including Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, Kenya, and South Africa. In the USA, cryptic crosswords are popular as the British style crosswords. In the United Kingdom, this is popular as setters. 


Types of Cryptic crossword puzzles


Two types of easy cryptic crossword are there. Number one is a basic cryptic crossword, and the other one is the variety of cryptic-themed crosswords. In the basic cryptic crossword, every clue answer enters the diagram very easily. 

In the themed or variety cryptic crossword, all the answers should be altered before they entered. This is done with the hidden pattern or with the rule which the game player will discover. It is not that very hard, very basic and easy. You have to understand the tricks and tips of this game. Let see how you can play the game,


How to play the easy Cryptic crossword puzzles


First of all, You have to read the clue of the easy cryptic crossword. Now read the clue from backward. Like either the last word or the first word, any of the words will give you the solution. Now you have to work out what the solution means. This type of crossword puzzle increases your thinking ability. 



Now think of the remaining clue. This will make you think very carefully. Boost up your brainpower. The clue part is known as the subsidiary indicator. You can take help from the subsidiary indicator. This will provide you with a solution. You can download the easy cryptic crossword from the internet as well. 


Now you have to guess the words. Take the most crossword and make a word. Try this with your kid. This will help your kid to increase the word stock. 


Now identify the definition of the crossword. For beginners, this is an easy puzzle. You can play at the entry-level with your kid. It is a great brain booster. During the quarantine period, I played this puzzle with my small sister. She’s enjoying this. You can too try this with your friends or sibling or with your kids. I am very sure they will love the game.


Now you have to match the clue and try to make out the word when you get the clue. Once you have identified the answer, click on that. Mostly online cryptic crosswords are free to play. You can play online or can take the printout and play with that. 


Where was the puzzle first discovered?

It was discovered in the United Kingdom.

What are the types of a cryptic crossword?

There are two types of the cryptic crossword.

How can you play this? Offline or online?

You can play it in both ways.