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Picture Perfect Crossword : Unbelievable Gameplay!


Puzzle game developers have been missing the creative touch for years. Picture Perfect Crossword seems to have gone against the wave, and the fans seem to love it. The Picture Perfect Crossword game’s launch was met with a lot of positivity from the gaming community. Some areas were highlighted that fans seem to think could have been done differently. If you want to hear all about that, you need to keep reading this comprehensive Picture Perfect Crossword review.

Picture Perfect Crossword Review

The game has been making waves online, and we could not resist but play it and see what the buzz is really about. We went through the game, and here is what we think about the game. 

Perfect Crossword Review: Gameplay

One thing that makes crosswords lose the grip pretty quickly is the fact that they are repetitive. Most game developers have received backlash because of the lack of creativity. The developers of Picture Perfect Crossword seem to have dodged this bullet. Picture Perfect has hundreds of game modes. These game modes allow you to enjoy a variety of crosswords without having to replay the same thing over and over.

The gameplay is smooth, and the animations make it feel like a real-life crossword. This is one feature that crossword lovers have been thirsting for a very long time. The gameplays one of the best things about the game, and we enjoyed playing it through. The game has several game modes. This means that one thing you won’t have to worry about is monotony. 

Picture Perfect Crossword Review: Cross-Platform Play

Picture Perfect Crossword did stand out from the crowd by introducing a cross-device playing feature. The feature allows you to change devices you are gaming on without losing progress quickly. The best part is you do not have to register for a new game account. All you have to do to access this feature is connected to Facebook. Once you have clicked on Facebook on the game, you can access your game progress on any device. This feature is pretty helpful. One thing you would not want is to relay the entire game every time you switch a device. We tried the quality, and we can confirm that it works perfectly. 

The best part is the game developers promise to keep your account details private. This at least counts for something. 

Picture Perfect Crossword Review: Difficulty

An aspect in the Picture Perfect gameplay is the difficulty levels. The levels tend to increase as you progress, and the game will eventually get tough. The challenging aspect of the crossword game is a good thing. It tends to push players to their limit and makes the game pretty enjoyable. Another fantastic thing about the game is that even as it gets complicated, you can always get instant hints. The hints are limited, but they will undoubtedly get you a step closer to completing the crossword puzzles

Picture Perfect Crossword Review: Compatibility

This might be the most significant drawback when it comes to the game. The game will only run devices with Android 8.0 or better. This means most Android users might find it pretty difficult to enjoy the game. The game is also not available on IOSor on PC. This means the platforms for the game are limited. The developers have promised to look at this, though, and we can only hope they do it quickly. 

Picture Perfect Crossword Review: Final Verdict

Besides the compatibility issues, the game is excellent. The game has a lot of replay values, and you will never get bored as you progress. Download it for free on Google PlayStore and enjoy. 


Does Picture Perfect Crossword have in-app purchases?

There are in-app purchases in Picture Perfect Crossword

What is the size of Picture Perfect Crossword?

Picture Perfect Crossword app file is 64MB in size

Is Picture Perfect Crossword good for kids?

Picture Perfect Crossword has no age restriction