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Wcc2 Apk – The Best Cross-Platform Cricket Game?


One thing that has been bugging cricket gamers over the years is that most of the games are not available on IOS. The Wcc2 Apk for is quite a step ahead. The game WCC 2 is single on both android and IOS. This means that you can share the perfect cricket gaming experience with you’re your friends. This is not the eh best thing about WCC 2, though. There are a dozen other special features. We are going y be reviewing Wcc2 Apk to see if t is the best cricket game on the market. 

WCC2 Apk The Pros

We will be looking That some of the positives that have been sending Cricket gaming fans inro a delirium when it comes to WCC 2/. There are dozens of positives, but we picked some of the most common picks and also our favourite amongst the features.

WCC2 Apk Pros: Compatibility

One thing that mobile game developers get wrong is the compatibility issue. Developers tend to create top-tier games that are not compatible with available devices, and in the end, the game will die a natural death due to low download numbers. The same can’t be said about the WCC2 Apk, though. The apk is only 75MB in size, meaning it won’t be such a vast letdown n term of storage. 

you have a device with the android version 

4.4 or better, you can play the game. 

WCC2 Pros: Multiplayer

The multiplayer mode is one of the features that have received rave reviews for WCC 2. The developers made sure that the game is compatible with both IOS and android devices. This means the multiplayer pool is quite large, and you are bound to find someone to play with regardless of time. 

You can also play multiplayer mode offline. This means you do not necessarily have to have an internet connection to enjoy the multiplayer mode. This means the competitive edge will always be there, and you will get to play with different people with different playing styles.  

WCC2 Apk Pros: Real Life National Teams and Clubs

If you fancy playing it with your favourite Cricket national team, then WCC2 is the perfect game for you. The game has over 18 national teams from all over the world. This means that you get to play with world power like Sri Lanka and India. 

There also several clubs that you can play with for the quick play game modes. The strips are also quite close to the original colours, and you can easily single out the teams just from their team colours.

WCC2: The Cons

Going down the user reviews of the game, there were some areas that fans would like to see improved.

WCC2 Apk Cons: Graphics 

The graphics are not well polished. This might be the main reason why the game comes in a pretty small package. The pictures are not the best, but they are endurable. For a mobile game, they are pretty competitive, but they are certainly an area we would love to see improved. 

WCC2 Apk: Final Verdict

WCC2 Apk is probably one of the best games on the android platform. Different game modes and several real-life cricket teams make it easily a fan favourite. Improved graphics will make it the perfect match, and we can only the improvements come sooner. 

If you want to enjoy Cricket on your mobile phone, WCC 2 is the perfect game. Download it on Google Playstore for free and enjoy!

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Is WCC 2 available on IOS?

Yes, WCC 2 is available on IOS

Can you play WCC 2 on PC?

You can play WCC 2 on PC using software like Blustacks

Is WCC 2 free?

WCC 2 ids free on Google PlayStore