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All Star Cricket – Incredible facts you need to know on All Star Cricket


All Star Cricket is a great first-time experience for all children aged 5-8 years, with eight weeks of jam-packed entertainment, exercise, and skills growth promised.

The curriculum is designed to expose children to sport, teach them new skills, help them make new friends, and have a wonderful time doing so.

Any child who signs will receive a bag of goodies. Your child’s kit includes a Bag, a CricketCricket Bat, a Cricket Ball, a Hat, and a Personalized Shirt with the child’s name.

All children returning to All Star Cricket will receive a new bat, a glove, a customized t-shirt, and a set of stumps.

What exactly will the children be doing in All Star Cricket?

All Star Cricket is about giving children the best first impression of the sport, focusing on entertainment!

Children can master the basic techniques of action, including catching, tossing, and beating. All use softballs and rubber bats, and all players have their cricket bags full of all they need to play the game.

Any child can win stars in his or her activity booklet that fits the skills gained during the program:

     Hitting a moving ball – batting

     Underarm and overarm – Throwing

     Overarm – Bowling

     Running – lots of movement

     Small and large balls – Catching

     Teamwork – fun games with friends

     Communication – the basics of CricketCricket

     Spirit of Cricket – how to respect others

The activators in All Star Cricket

The Activator is the leading volunteer who can create a positive and inclusive experience for children and parents alike. Activators should be fans, lively, and inspired individuals who can inspire young children and make a great all-round experience.

While many All Star Cricket and Dynamos Cricket Activators will have an outstanding cricket experience, it is by no means necessary. First and foremost, activators are looking for people with excellent personal skills.

There are future actuators all over you: coaches, enthusiastic parents at your local academy, junior cricket team captains, or role models at your cores. The ECB and your County Cricket Board will both assist if appropriate.

If the Activator has been selected, the ECB will provide extensive face-to-face and online preparation and equip it with all the tools needed, including the kit, to execute the program effectively.

For returning actuators, it is not necessary to undergo instruction for a second time. However, it is proposed that the program be revised based on input from children, parents, and fellow actuators.


How much does the program cost?

The suggested retail price for All Star Cricket is £40. Any centers across England and Wales can bill for the additional membership.

What does each child get as part of the program?

The expense of the package comprises eight All Stars Cricket sessions and a customized member kit.

How old is the kid needing to register?

All Stars Cricket is geared for 5–8-year-olds. If your child is beyond this age group, we also encourage them to be involved but ask that the parent or guardian be involved as a parent helper to endorse their participation in the program.

How is the kit going to be delivered?

The kit will take about 10 working days to be shipped.

How do the parents get involved?

A significant feature of All Stars Cricket is that you will be interested as well. It's a perfect way for you to spend time playing with your child this summer. During the application period, both parents are asked if they will be involved in helping during the program. If you say yes, the center will be in contact for more details and you will get a lot of support along the way.