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Big Bash Cricket Apk- The Best premium Cricket Game


If you are using Android and you are a fan of sports gain, the Big Bash Cricket apk might be the only thing missing in your life. There are dozens of cricket games in the world at the moment, but very few can compete with Big Bash Cricket apk. There are multiple reasons why we are saying this, and we are going to tell you why. Keep reading. 

Big Bash Cricket Apk Review

The game, which has pretty much taken Google Playstore by storm, has been there for quite a while, but the regular updates have made the game popular. Gamers have been thirsting for the full mobile gaming experience, and Big Bash Cricket seems to have brought that to the table. We will be reviewing the game to make sure you get the full perspective before you try it out.

Big Bash Cricket APK: Gameplay

One thing that has been missing in the mobile cricket arena and is proper gameplay. One thing we have to give Big Bash Cricket appreciation for is the gameplay. The gameplay has managed to create the perfect cricket atmosphere on the mobile gaming landscape. There are authentic hots and also the fact that you can use actual BBL and WBBL clubs. This means that this is probably the best mobile cricket has become, and well, we doubt you can find any game that will top it.

When the first version was launched, the main problem was more paly likeness, and the developers have developed the game in that respect. You can see and recognize your favourite players and use them to conquer the digital cricket world. The controls are also more comfortable and responsive. This means that you do not have that lag that most games have, and again, you get to react to get that high octane cricket feeling quickly. 

Big Bash Cricket APK- Multiplayer

The worst thing that can happen is getting a perfect game and not sharing it with friends. Big Bash Cricket has the most advanced multiplayer feature. You can enjoy this cricket marvel with your friends and also strangers on the internet. You can connect to the multiplayer platform and play with some of the best mobile cricket gamers on the forum. The multiplayer mode is relatively seamless, and if you have useful internet, you won’t have to worry about lags and stuttering. 

Big Bash Cricket APK-Compatibility

One thing that is more of a drawback is that the game is only available on Android. This means you can’t enjoy the game with your friend’s son IOS. The good news, though, is that if you have an Android phone, it will likely be compatible with the game. The game is playable on Android 4. 1 up to the latest Android version.  

Big Bash Cricket Apk- Visuals

The visuals and graphics of Big Bash Cricket are quite over the top. The pitch and also the player resemblances. This is one thing that has fans in love with the entire game. The top-notch graphics, though, come at a price. The game is hardware intensive and might affect your battery.

Battle Bash Cricket Apk- Ads

This is one thing that we do not like about the game. The game is free, and that might be the reason for the multiple ads. The ads are a little disturbing and disturb the cricket experience. The ads can be removed entirely from the game by paying for the premium version of the game.

If you want a high-quality cricket game, the best option you have is Big Bash Cricket.

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Is Big Bash Cricket free?

Yes, you can download Big Bash Cricket for free

Can you remove the Ads from Big Bash Cricket?

If you pay for the premium version you can remove all the ads from Big Bash Cricket

Can you play Big Bash Cricket on Android 4?

Big Bash Cricket is compatible with Android 4. 1 up to Android 11