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Big Bash Boom Reviews: Interesting Facts


The Big Bash Boom Review, or BBL, is the cricket’s response to the ever-increasing pace of modern life; a 20-on-a-side slogfest where the ball breaks out of the park to the sound of fireworks and noisy rock music takes the place of five-day stamina and patience tests.

Big Bash Boom Reviews conclude that the game adopts this idea and breaks it into the arcade game-o-sphere by adding nice-looking power-ups, unlockable customizations, and a smooth approach to gameplay that speeds up the action while leaning toward a goofiness that cricket games seldom accept.

But with a litany of technical challenges and no practical guide to help you figure out the basics, Big Bash Boom sounds like it deserves more time in the net practice.

Big Bash Boom Reviews: what’s this game about?

Big Bash Boom Reviews conclude that it’s all about breaking the hell out of the ball and making as many runs as possible.

Big Bash Boom Review does a fantastic job of re-creating the buzzing environment you’ll encounter on the field at a BBL match, complete with crazy crowds, firework shows, and accidentally scary mascots.

You can select either of the eight approved teams from either the BBL or the Women’s BBL, bringing them to fame in a friendly game, full tournament, or head-to-head online.

When you hop right into a casual match, you can configure match options, team lineups, and ball form, which includes a few nice varieties—pie, anyone?

You’re taken out to the pitch and greeted by the real-world commentator Pete Lazer, but his sometimes charming readings come off as a collection of one-liner instead of individual commentaries, and they tend to scratch after a few repetitions.

Big Bash Boom Reviews: latest games

Out on the ground, Big Bash Boom Review demonstrates the key deviations from previous cricket games, including Ashes Cricket, which was the same creator as Big Bash Boom.

The gameplay has been simplified to take out a lot of dead air time that you seem to get in a cricket match, which gives the game its arcade feel. You’re never asked to pick a bowler or a lineup. You can, if you wish, but otherwise the game would allow these calls to ensure a faster flow.


What’s more, it’s a strange choice to only allow the player a small window of a few balls to trigger the power-up you’ve earned; if you don’t use it at that moment, you forfeit it and the meter drops to near-empty.

I would have preferred the option to hold on to them and use them in more opportune moments, such as having the 2x batting multiplier in my back pocket during the run chase for some last-over heroics or saving the bowling speed-boost for over-speed instead of spinning.

As a result, the application of this super-powers is spectacular, but not especially strategic.

While Big Bash Boom has the charm to spare in terms of its special effects and animations, several presentation areas come up with a bit of D’Arcy Short.

There are no instant replays, either automatic or manual, which ensures that you can’t relish your wicket properly or scrutinize your decisions.

There is also no way to change the angles of the camera, and a single-player (or online) bat is seen from behind the batsman, which is less than desirable when facing spin, as the wicketkeeper is up to the stumps and obscures the vision of where the ball is pitching.


big bash boom reviews: can the game be played with a keyboard?

Big Bash Boom needs a joystick to play! Acting with a keyboard and a mouse is not supported.