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Sachin Saga Cricket Champions: Maybe this isn’t your best game!


Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is a game that lets you relive the career of Sachin Tendulkar, one of the most successful cricketers ever played. It is bound to be extremely popular in India, where Master Blaster has a following big fan.

The game is free to download for Android and iOS, and when you add all these elements together, you realize that this is a recipe for great success in India.

 That was our way of thought when we began playing Sachin Saga Cricket Champions, but sadly the game is not the polished masterpiece we hoped to see.

Know more about Sachin Saga Cricket

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions has the official cricketer’s blessing, which is how the game uses his name and likeness.

 This is pretty much the most significant selling point of the title, and it’s going to attract a lot of fans. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions welcomes you with a tutorial that teaches you about the basics—a short swipe is a defensive stroke, a long swipe is an assaulting stroke, and a standard swipe is a regular stroke.

The controls are susceptible, and we didn’t have any problems with them. The game starts in Legend mode, where you’ll be replaying some of Sachin’s famous career matches.

 This starts with the national cricket matches and takes you through his international career.

In any case, the AI bowlers do the same thing. There’s no difference in bowling to make you feel like you’re playing two different teams.

Facing Pakistan’s terrifying pace attack in the 1990s should hopefully feel a lot different from facing the mediocre bowlers of Delhi’s Ranji Trophy team, but it doesn’t. That’s why this game mode is going to fall flat an hour after you start playing.

So many mistakes!

Let’s get right into the game’s problems.

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions should have done a lot of things instead of this event mode, one of them being bowling.

The developers have said that bowling will be added to the game later, but the current state of play makes us wonder if it’s going to be successful. We claim this because of the many technological deficiencies we’ve found in the game.

The largest of them was the run-outs. If there is a call for a run-out sent to the third umpire, the game displays a replay on the big screen (full of sponsor logos) in the arena.

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions – The replay does not correctly represent the location of the batsman at the time of the run-off. When playing the game, we’ve seen a couple of occasions that the batsman was too far from the crease in the replay but far closer during the gameplay.

 A few times, the replay showed a slightly different sequence—the batsman had made it safe before the bails were whipped, but the replay showed him outside, so he was ruled out.

Some interesting Sachin Saga Cricket Champions reviews.

To be completely honest with you guys, so many reviews were negative! Most of them agree that the game is a fraud, wrong, many glitches, etc.

On the other hand, some others agree that the game is excellent with good graphics.

Overall, the game has a rating of 4 stars out of 354,927 reviews, so we can say it’s pretty good!


Is the game worth it?

There are so many bad and negative reviews for the game, but if we checked both the good and bad reviews, we can agree that the game isn’t bad, there are some glitches of course. After all, it’s an average game. Not super good, and not super bad. Try it if you are interested.