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Harry Potter Potions Challenge Game – Impressive Board Game For Your Kids


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The obsession over Harry Potter Potions Challenge Game is pretty much out there, especially in the 90s and early 20s kids. It is because of their love for magic, a wizarding world, Hogwarts, and several other magnificent reasons. People also loved the character of this movie series like Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, Ron Weasley, Professor Snape, Professor Dumbledor, Hagrid, Sirius Black, and many more.

It inspired the Cardinal games to create a board game for kids that they will enjoy and could feel like a student of Hogwarts. Hence, they brought Harry Potter Potions Challenge Game for us. Let’s see the further details of this game, and we are sure that by the end of the blog, every Potterhead will be keen to buy one for themselves.

Harry Potter Potions Challenge Game


The ones who have binge watch Harry Potter multiple times know who teaches the potion classes. It’s one of our favorite professors, Professor Snape. So, the game is about Professor Snape conjuring up a channel for his students. The challenge is about creating three potions by identifying and finding the suitable ingredient for that potion.

The players now will have to travel Hogwarts and search every area with their potion recipe book. They will be collecting ingredients and creating potions but with a slight twist. Argus filch will be roaming around to ensure no one ventures any place they are not supposed to go. Sounds interesting, right?


Now that you know what the Harry Potter Potions Challenge game is all about, we shall move on to how to play it? Cardinal Game recommends this game for 2-4 players who are above the age of 8. So, you have to complete the assignment for Professor Snape by collecting ingredients for any 1 potion out of 3 you get.

Once you have carried all the ingredients for your potion, you have to get back to the start space. The first one to reach the start point will win the game. However, Filch will make sure to hurdle your tracks and stop you from succeeding.


It is an indoor board game made out of cardboard for kids to play. When you purchase this game, you will receive a game board, instructions manual, Argus Filch mover, four house movers, five-game movers stand, four lenticular wands, two dice, sticker sheet, 30 potion cards, and ingredient collection pad. The weight of this item would be around 2 pounds. The minimum and maximum no. of players to play this game would be 2 and 4, respectively.


In conclusion, if you are a big harry potter fan, then this game can be a part of your HP collection. Fans have enjoyed this game a lot as it is a little different than the usuals. It has mystery, thriller, excitement, and fun that makes it so unique. The extra element within the game with a mission and twist makes it more engaging. Hence, we suggest you give Harry Potter Potions Challenge Game a chance.



Harry Potter Potions Challenge Game


Harry Potter Potions Challenge Game

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Who released Harry Potter Potions Challenge Game?

Cardinal Games released Harry Potter Potions Challenge Game.

How to contact Cardinal Games?

You can dial Cardinal Games at 888 836 7025. Their telephone hours are available from Monday to Thursday from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM, and 08:00 AM to 01:00 PM on Friday. If you wish to email them, then go to their website, click on support and draft your message in the “send us a message” column; press submit.

Where is the head office of Cardinal Games?

The head office of Cardinal Game is in New York, USA.