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Pandemic Board Game Review – Interesting way to save the world from the clutch of disease



In this article, I’m going to do Pandemic Board Game Review. It is a co-op adventure game. The main task you have to do in this game is to save the world from severe diseases. It is a perfect team strategic game where you make plans to save the world from the pang disease.

It is a multiplayer game. There can be four people in this game. The minimum age required to play is eight years. The game’s difficulty is challenging because saving the world from dangerous diseases is responsible and requires proper planning and strategy. To have the best Pandemic Board Game Review, let’s talk about the mission of the game.

Pandemic Board Game Review

Pandemic Board Game Review: Adventurous Mission of the Game

Your job is complicated yet straightforward; you are running out of time and what you need to do is save the world from these diseases with your expert team’s help by developing a cure for the disease. Why we called it difficult is because it’s not that easy to win the game.

Pandemic board game is a very well-crafted game full of creativity and attractive pieces. The board displays the network and route connections of 48 cities. And basically, this board is World Map. Six dwelling blocks are stations in the game. And one of these leads to the hub of prevention and control of disease headquarters. It is named Atlanta in this game. And from here, the game begins.

Pandemic Board Game Review: It will offer you the great Entertainment Value & Education Value

This game gives a total entertainment value because you never know what is going to happen next. In addition, there’s unique and appealing that the teams feel like they are struggling hard against the game.

In this Pandemic Board Game Review, I also focused on the educational value of this game. But according to personal evaluation, it is better for teens and adults as planning and teamwork is not a child’s play; exception exists.

Pandemic Board Game Review: The Minimum Age Requirement to Play this Game

The manufacturer recommends this pandemic game for ages eight and above, but I found it is better suited for tweens and teens. This game requires complex thinking, patience, and doomsday scenarios, which is difficult to gain for younger kids, so it is restricted.


By the end of this Pandemic Board Game Review, we understand that how this game enables you to save the world from a clutch of diseases. Overall it is a well-structured and exciting game when played with good and proper teamwork. It gives, not to that extent but, some idea about the pandemic and first aid too.

It might seem frustrating sometimes because lacking collaboration, making strategy, and better communication can still make you lose. And it is a great way to teach the importance of cooperation and moral responsibilities to children and elders. This game can develop moral values, teamwork, and listening capability. These qualities will help them in both the world of this video game and in real life.



Pandemic Board Game Review


Pandemic Board Game Review

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Who released this game?

Asmodee Digital released this game.

How can I contact Asmodee Digital?

Where is their head office?

It is in Guyancourt, France.