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To accurately review the King of New York Board Game, we need to understand how to play the game. In the King of New York Board Game, the players play the role of a movie monster by rolling dices to move forward in the game. The player has to destroy New York City and the other player monsters. It is a simple and quick game with 2-6 players. The game ends with one of the player monsters surviving till the end. Or, the one achieving the victory points of 20 wins the game.

King Of New York Board Game

Packaging & Set-Up Review

The packaging almost gives an idea about the game and the monsters. It contains a game board, monster standees, power-up cards, cubes, tokens, and big-sized customized dice.

Reviewing based on it, Presentation-wise, King of New York Board Game is a hit. The setup for the game is an easy one. After the players decide their monsters, the next step is to shuffle the cards three times, rolling the large-sized customized dice and stacking the building tiles into piles of three in the borough of the ultimate King of New Board Gameplay board.

Entertainment Review

The King of New York board game is a game of family entertainment. The gameplay is easy to comprehend and is a quick play game. The game needs both luck and skill to determine the next step in the game. You can pass your turn fast, but you also need to strategize when deciding to roll the dice for attacks or cubes for healing, and in case you roll up the opposite dice, you can make the most of it.


Playing Mechanism Review


The core mechanism behind the rewards you receive in Manhattan is very persuasive. It calls for a positive King of New York Board Game Review. The game creates a situation such that the player needs to heal as he is at the lowest level of its ten health points. However, if any player rolls the dice once, he/she could get the bonus card, one big card for the game, or the player could kill everyone and be victorious.


Theme Review


Regarding the theme, King of New York Board Game qualifies for a positive review. It has monster standees, large-sized attractive dice, and entertaining sports cards for power-ups. Apart from the theme, the indulgence it creates within the players while playing is a definite reason why the game is the choice for many people.


Whether A Game For All – Review


Either you are a heavy game player or not into games at all, the King of New York Board game is one of those engaging games that instill interest in everyone once they start playing the game. The game is suitable for every occasion or family gatherings and friend night outs. The King of New York Board Game is for both kids and adults. Apart from this, the game also qualifies as a family entertainer.


Overall Review


For an overall review, the King of New York Board Game is a definite buy because it is simple to understand, fun to play, a quick game, and keeps the conversation going. It is a family entertainer, a perfect way to spend some quality and fun time. The game involves both thinking and strategic planning to move forward in the game. It helps in cognitive development as well.



King Of New York Board Game


King Of New York Board Game

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