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Pictionary Air Review – Draw Exclusive On Air



Pictionary Air Review – When it comes to games, I think we speak for all of us that Pictionary has always been our favorite. Especially when the players are not so good with drawings, it makes it more fun to guess and win. And, of course, everyone wishes to be in the team of artists who can draw relatable images quickly and clearly.

Anyways, what if we tell you that now you do not have to waste pages or markers for playing Pictionary? Yes, you are getting it right. Now the Mattel games have gifted us with Pictionary Air. Here you have to draw things on air, and you will see them directly on the screen. Let’s get into the details of this game with our Pictionary Air Review.

Pictionary Air Review

Pictionary Air Review – How To Play

For people, who are not aware of the traditional Pictionary, let us tell you the rules. In this game, one player will pick a chit of anything like movies, dishes, actors, etc. When they get their name, they have to draw its image to explain it to their fellow players without uttering a sound.

You only have one or two minutes to describe your word through your drawing. The Pictionary Air Version has the same rules as the traditional one. However, what makes it interesting is you will be drawing on air. And what you draw can be seen by other players on your TV screen or smartphone.

Pictionary Air Review – Features

As the game is now digital, extra special features are present that lack in traditional Pictionary Air. These characteristics will help in enhancing the overall game experience. Let’s see the features of Pictionary Air as below:

  1. Track your scores
  2. Time the game
  3. Set the rounds
  4. Work in portrait or landscape mode
  5. Use both front rear-facing cameras

Pictionary Air Review – These attributes ease up things for everyone to have fun. Because of them, your attention will not be distracted by keeping a tab of points or the timer. Hence, relax and enjoy digital Pictionary with your friends and family or even colleagues.

Pictionary Air Review – Further Details

Pictionary Air Review has three versions for you to enjoy. These are Pictionary Air™, Pictionary Air™ Harry Potter™, or Pictionary Air™ Kids vs. Grown-Ups. Choose anyone as per you and your group’s preference. Pictionary Air™ Harry Potter™ adds a magical touch to this game! Players will choose a Hogwarts™ house and then try to guess as many clues as possible for winning the house cup.

They have to fill the meter to earn 2x points and add magical effects to make your game even more engaging. If they find the Golden Snitch, they can earn even more points.


Pictionary Air™ Kids vs. Grown-Ups is a challenging game between kids and adults. However, the kid’s clues are separately selling that include images. Plus, you can also save, edit and share videos of all your funny gameplay moments! After doing Pictionart Air Review, we think it is a perfect and fun game for people and even kids.



Pictionary Air Review


Pictionary Air Review

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Who released the game Pictionary Air TM ?

Mattel Games released this game.

How to contact Mattel Games?

You can contact Mattel Games by dialing +1 703 836 2121. If you want to email them, you can go to https://service.mattel.com/ and select contact us. You will see an “email us” box where you can fill in your details, draft your message, enter a captcha and submit.

Where is the head office of Mattel Games?

The head office of the Mattel games is in El Segundo, California, US.