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Gloomhaven Board Game: The Best Board Game available?


Most board games tend to be a little repetitive and offer very little replay value. The creators of the Gloomhaven board game seem to have gotten this memo and have managed to turn things around. Many aspects make a board game great. These include strategy, size, price, gameplay, and the number of players. If all these are up to standard, the game will certainly rock chart s and be a fan favorite for years. We are going to be reviewing the Gloomhaven board game to see just how good the game is and if it ticks all the boxes above.

Gloomhaven Board Game

Gloomhaven Board Game: Review

Board game developers have been accused of delivering lackluster games and most enthusiasts have blamed the decline of the board game industry on them. Based on some board games that have been released over the years it can be very difficult not to agree. Gloomhaven seems to be quite different though. If there is anything that will revive the board game craze it is this board game. In this Gloomhaven review, we are going to be looking at exactly why the game is a cut above the rest keep treading.

Gloomhaven Review: Cocept Development

The heart of any game is the concept behind the game. The entire concept is hinged on the game’s backstory. Gloomhaven seems to have got this part right. The storyline in Gloomhaven is pretty interesting and quite intriguing. Gloomhaven is a Eurocentric adventure game that sets out different adventurers on a long adventure across dungeons and ruins. The best part about the storyline is that you get to make out your path as you play and your story is bound to make out from the decisions you make. The dungeons, ruins, and a dozen other features will give you an immense feeling of adventure which you will enjoy.

Gloomhaven Board Game Review: Gameplay

The gameplay on Gloomhaven is one of the highlights of the entire board game. Every player gets to pick two cards when it’s their turn. The card has a number on top, which decides the initiative for that round. This is a very important progression of the game. The second card will have a top power and a bottom power. When it is their turn each player can get to choose which power they want to use. These two cards will determine how you progress in the game. If you are not careful though you might end up stuck in a dungeon or worse be forced to retreat. The game is a little complex hence the 14 or older age recommendation.

Gloomhaven Board Game

Gloomhaven Board Game Review: Support

One thing that we have to assure you beforehand is that as you progress it will get a little difficult. The game is quite the full package and comes with a lot of characters, rules, and cards. This means that it might get a little difficult to keep track of everything, this is where the companion app comes in. The Gloomhaven companion app is a must-have if you want to enjoy the game. The app gives you comprehensive information on the game and if things get a little difficult you can easily turn to the perfect “companion”. This is one of the best things about Gloomhaven and well the fans love it and we are sure you will do too.

Gloomhaven Board Game

Gloomhaven Board Game Review: Verdict

Gloomhaven is a complete board game giving you over two hours of intriguing gameplay. The fact that there can be a different story every time gives it that creative edge we love to see in board games. With all the boxes this game ticks it is difficult to disagree with the 8.8 ratings it got from Board Game geek. The game is a complete package and will be a perfect purchase.


Does Gloomhaven board gamecome with a companion app

You can download the Gloomhaven app to help you enjoy the game even more

Whatis the recommended age for Gloomhaven

If you are 14 orolder you willenjoy Gloomhaven

Is Gloomhaven available on Amazon

You can purchase Gloomhaven on Amazon