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CodyCross Reviews: Amazing Storyline and Better Gameplay


Crossword games are probably the most popular mobile games at the moment. They are often hardware-friendly and straightforward. In this summary of CodyCross reviews, we will be looking at whether the game is one of those hotshots or if it’s a total miss. The response the game has received is fantastic, and we have not seen a puzzle game get that much attention in years. Not all the reactions have been positive, though, and we will be talking about the areas of improvement players have suggested.

CodyCross Reviews

We have gone tough the reviews from different players, and we have the perfect perspective when it comes to the CodyCross puzzle game. We also took some time o to play the game, and here is what we came up with

CodyCross Reviews: Compatibility

One thing that has received rave reviews from nearly everyone when it comes to the game is the compatibility. Most games tend to be either hardware intensive and tend to result in gameplay issues and other difficulties. The game is available on both Android and IOS, which is a perfect thing. This means that you can enjoy the game on different platforms, and you can also export your progress to a new device. This one of the first games that are available on multiple platforms. Another thing is that if you have an Android 4.4 version or better, you will enjoy a seamless puzzle game experience. 

CodyCross Reviews: Gameplay

Besides compatibility, another aspect that has made CodyCross the go-to puzzle game. Most gamers have been thirsting for a puzzle game that embodies adventure and modern gaming aspect s. This is precisely what CodyCross has done. Most puzzle games do not have storylines. Instead, there are just a bunch of puzzles you have to shuffle through. CodyCross has a story that is quite interesting. CodyCross is an alien(a friendly one, of course) who crashlands on Earth, and you have to help him through several puzzles. The storyline is catchy, and you will undoubtedly enjoy it.

The storyline has an excellent puzzle gaming style to accompany it. The crossword puzzles are unique, with some great animations. There are also a variety of odes to go with the spirits. As you progress through, the game tends to be a little tricky. This means that you might end up struggling, but some powerups were undoubtedly helped you to get through. 

CodyCross Reviews: In-app Purchases

One thing that we have to give to the developers of the game is the fact that the game Is free. For a game that good, you would expect them to charge a fortune. The game is free, which means that you have to download it and enjoy the fantastic gameplay. One thing, though, that has got gamers complaining are in0-app purchases. This has been quite a common feature in most games.

The problem is one of the in-app purchases is very expensive. You may need to spend as much as 84 dollars on an in-app item. This is quite expensive in comparison to objects in other puzzle games. This is one of the major complaints from gamers. The incredible thing is that in-app purchases are not mandatory, and you can forgo them entirely and still enjoy the game.

CodyCross Reviews: Verdict

If there were ever to be a perfect Puzzle game, then it would be CodyCross. The game is one of the most innovative games on the market ad it will easily transcend all age groups. If you are looking for an intriguing puzzle game, try Codycross reviews. 


Is CodyCross free?

CodyCross is free on the Google play store

Can you export your progress on CodyCross?

Connecting your CodyCross to Facebook allows you to export your progress to other devices

Is CodyCross available on IOS?

Yes, CodyCross is available on IOS