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Solve The Amazing CodyCross APK – The Crossword Puzzle


Have you heard about the Codycross Apk? I am sure if you are a crossword puzzle lover, I am sure you are quite aware of this. Crossword puzzles are a fun game. If you have played the game for a long time, you will gradually enjoy the game. Multiple crossword puzzles are available in the market. Codycross is one of them and a popular one. 


The developer of the game is Fanatee. It is a Brazilian company. This is the first trivia game for Fanatee. The feedback is really good. The game has crossed more than one million downloads. In 2017, this game was voted for the best crossword game in the play store app. The game offers an excellent experience for gamers. During the lockdown session, I played the game very intensely and got addicted to it. Trust me; this will improve the capacity of your brain and increase your thinking power as well.


Enjoy the Codycross Apk in your leisure time.


Puzzles are a really good activity for your brain. IF you are looking for a new puzzle game, Codycross Apk is the right choice. Along with the computer, play the puzzle on android too. 


Download the game on your android mobile and enjoy your game. Also, you can enjoy the game on computers and laptops well. For people who love to learn new words and are interested in word games, this puzzle will be the right choice. 


The game will keep you busy all the time. Codycross has multiple features for the beginner’s level. For every level, you will get rewards. If you are stuck at a tough level, you will get the power-up, helping you cross another level. 



How to play the Codycross Apk?


From the Codycross Apk, you can choose five puzzles. Now the fun will start. You can use the keypad of your computer to type the spelling of the word of your choice. At the beginning of every game, you will get a token number along with the letters. This will be challenging for you a bit. 


It would help if you placed these letters on the game board. When you make a new word, then there will be a sparkle on the board. Automatically the other additional letters will fall on your puzzle board. Now you can fill the missing space. The horizontal words have the same letters numbers. After completing the Codycross Apk puzzle, one secret word will show up, which will be a little lighter side. The Colour would be light pink.


Features of Codycross Apk


· The game will solve multiple puzzles, it’s interesting

· You can experience different theme of word game; you can go from one level to another

· Through different puzzles, you can use the power-ups

· You can enjoy the adventure mode, even if you are offline too

· In 2017, the game was voted as the most popular one


Codycross Apk will prove you fun and a great experience. Whenever you play a level, you will discover something else very interesting. The game has a paid section and a free section both. It is not like you can get more features in a paid section; you will have a great feature in the free section.


Who has developed the Cody cross-game?

Cody's cross puzzle game was developed by a Brazilian company, Fanatee.

When was the game Cody cross launched?

The game was launched in the year of 2017.

Is it a paid game?

You will get both paid and free versions.