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Do you know why Bonza Word Puzzle is the Extraordinary



Are you a puzzle lover like me? Try the new Bonza word Puzzle. Trust me, guys, it’s very interesting, and you will get engaged with this. This will be the best partner in your free time. Of Course, this game is for those who love word puzzles. It is addictive. Once you start playing, you cannot get over it. 


Bonza is the best puzzle I’ve ever played. This game is available for android devices. So anyone with a smartphone can play this game. Due to the covid situation, we cannot go outside, cannot meet friends, our social connectivity has almost stopped. So I found indoor games are very effective for time pass. The game is all about finding words and create new words that have the same meaning or names which are of the same group. Words that appear on the top of the list by grouping the letters in the game.


Features of Bonza word puzzle features


· Bonza word puzzle is a great game for time pass.

· The game is the mashup of jigsaw, trivia, and search.

· It’s effortless and smooth control you have

· The puzzle is of large number and levels.

· The game will provide you with tips to provide guidance and help to the player.

· You can create your challenges and puzzles.


Every word game is entertaining. It is an excellent source of entertainment. Also, the Bonza word Puzzle serves you with an educational purpose. You can play this game with kids to develop their academic skills and the power of making words. I can bet you your kids will enjoy this type of play. 


This type of game will develop language skill; this will improve spelling skill as well. As per researchers, people solve word puzzles daily. They are very much familiar with the vocabulary, also have better brains later in their life. The researcher says that Bonza word Puzzle is a new crossword puzzle. In my place, not only me, my younger brother and sister also love to play this game. The game has different types of cryptic clues. The game has its grids and hints. It is not only cryptical; there are no numbers as well.


How to play the Bonza word puzzle?


Bonza Word Puzzle is a puzzle game that you have to play with multiple pieces of the puzzle. Word letters are written on the puzzle pieces, which you have to arrange accordingly to create different words. In every level of the Bonza word Puzzle, you have to join three distinct parts and build the number of words. 


To do this, you have to rely on intelligence. You have to try to get an idea of what type of stories you want to form in the beginning. For example, you like to create animals, food or colours or fruits, etc. Move the puzzles around your screen, and it’s quite simple. Drag them from one side to another, and they will get connected automatically. If you have formed a word, they will stay together. Around 40 levels are there, and you can unlock that by paying. Every day you will get new puzzles for free. 


The puzzle game will be launched for iOS soon. Each game will contain 30 puzzles each. You can play the free version also can buy extra puzzles.


Is the Bonza Word Puzzle is free?

Yes, it is free of cost.

Can I play it on android?

Of Course, yes, this is made for android.

What type of game is this?

This is a word puzzle game.