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The Jeep Car – The Ultimate Off-Road SUV


Founded in the 1940s to produce military vehicles, Jeep is now part of the Fiat Chrysler Automotive group and has a range of off-road and crossover models. Iconic model lines include the Wrangler, Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee SUVs.

While many modern jeeps have a blend of old and new designs, some models trace their roots back to the World War II-era Willys. These vehicles are still capable off-road, making them popular among many buyers.

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Jeep history has a long and storied journey. In World War II, the jeep car was an essential tool for GIs to win battles and help bring victory home to America.

When the Army put out a request for proposals to build what would become the Jeep, American Bantam* and Willys-Overland were among those who stepped up to the plate. But the demand quickly outpaced their production capacity, and Ford* was eventually chosen to build these military vehicles.

After World War II, the Jeep brand was reborn as a civilian vehicle. It was not a success at first, but the brand found a niche with off-road enthusiasts who saw its rugged style and off-road ability as a great way to express their freedom and adventure.


The Jeep car has a reputation for being one of the world’s most capable off-road SUVs. They’re built with solid front and rear axles, which give them superior ground clearance and allow for more excellent articulation and flexibility when driving over off-road terrain.

Several Jeep vehicles also offer a mild-hybrid powertrain to improve fuel economy. This system combines a four-cylinder turbocharged engine with an electric motor that boosts horsepower and torque output.

Another popular Jeep vehicle is the Wrangler, known for its off-road prowess and has a loyal following among fans who appreciate the brand’s ruggedness. The Wrangler is a four-door SUV and is available in various trim levels.

All Jeep cars and SUVs are designed with a focus on performance. This includes pioneering safety features, infotainment systems, and cutting-edge technology that deliver an exhilarating drive experience.


Jeeps offer a wide range of safety features that keep you safe on the road, even when you’re off the beaten path. Whether driving around Olathe, Kansas or going on a family vacation in Harveys Lake, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made the right choice for your safety.

For starters, all Wrangler models include many sensors to monitor your vehicle’s traction and correct over- or understeer if necessary. With Electronic Stability Control, this system effectively reduces the chance of rollovers while keeping you in control.

Other safety features available on the Jeep Wrangler and Unlimited models include blind spot monitoring and rear cross-path detection. These systems alert you to vehicles entering your blind spot and oncoming traffic while you’re reversing respectively. They also feature SOS Call and Assist buttons, which connect you to a Public Safety Answering Point for emergency assistance. Additionally, adaptive cruise control maintains a preset distance from the vehicle in front of you by monitoring road conditions and automatically adjusting your speed.


Jeep is an excellent choice for a new vehicle if you want an affordable adventure cruiser that can double as a daily driver. These vehicles are famous for their rugged exteriors and refined interiors that offer comfort and convenience on the road.

The value of a jeep car depends on many factors, such as model year, make, and location. Some models are more desirable than others in certain parts of the country.

A Jeep Wrangler is one of the vehicles that retains its value best. According to iSeeCars, it depreciates for the last five years.

The Jeep brand is known for its durability and cult following. This means that the cars tend to hold their value well and are often resold to new owners for more than they cost in the first place.