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Which Tools are Best for Home Renovations?


If you are thinking of renovating or remodeling your existing home, or if you have purchased a home that needs some work done, then you might be thinking about what kind of tools you will need to finish the job quickly and efficiently. To that end, below, we list some of the tools that we think you should have for this kind of work:

Safety Gear

You will not want to forego safety equipment when taking on any DIY work. The last thing anyone wants is to be injured by flying debris or something falling on them when it could have been prevented with some safety gear. This means investing in some safety goggles, a hard hat, and even a full-face shield if you plan on using an angle grinder blade. A face mask is essential when sanding or working with chemicals. Choosing a shoe with a respirator is best to provide the ultimate lung protection.


If you are working with wood, you will need a saw of some description. You can choose a handsaw for small jobs, but you might want to consider something more potent for more extensive work. Devour Tools, which make diamond power tools, recommend a saw that can be used on various materials, from metal to wood and concrete, giving you an all-in-one top, performing agency for multiple applications.


A hammer is an essential piece of DIY kit, and many different types are available on the market today. Choose a hammer with a claw that can be used to remove nails. Some even come with a side puller that will provide even more leverage when removing stubborn nails.

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is a critical piece of equipment for any DIY task. You can choose a standard tape measure or a laser measure. If you buy a standard tape measure, it is worth investing in one with a catch to stop the tape from retracting when you use it. A laser measure will be more expensive but is a convenient tool if you work independently.


A level is vital in terms of ensuring straight lines. It can be used to determine both level (horizontal) or plumb (vertical) lines and is essential for home renovations because it can be used when hanging both doors and cabinets. 

Level tools are available in many forms, including spirit levels with a liquid bubble and laser levels with a laser to check how straight something is.

Power Drill

A drill is possibly one of the essential tools a homeowner can buy because it is used for many jobs. For example, it can be used for significant house renovations and smaller jobs around the home. A cordless drill is handy because it does not have any wires to consider, but these drills are not usually as powerful as their corded cousins.


Although it is possible to hand sand, having an electric sander will make your DIY life much easier. A vacuum sander will massively reduce the time it takes to sand the likes of drywalls and wood. Furthermore, because it can be attached to the vacuum, you will not have to worry about everything else being covered in dust.


A step ladder will allow you to access ceiling height, which is necessary when it comes to painting and other DIY jobs. In addition, a ladder that has space for attaching tools is worth considering.

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