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RBT Certification – Requirements, Costs, and More


BACB has introduced a new competency exam for RBT certification. If you are interested in earning this certification, read about the requirements, the costs, and the BACB RBT Competency Assessment. Ultimately, you’ll need to spend about 180 days on the course. At the end of it, you will receive a certificate that shows you’ve completed at least 40 hours of training. Once you’ve completed the course, you can upload your certificate to your RBT account on the BACB website.

BACB’s new RBT Competency Assessment

The RBT Competency Assessment is the first step toward certification. It requires applicants to demonstrate competency in a range of tasks. The test can take between 60 and 90 minutes. The applicant will be given feedback from the assessor at the end of the assessment. If the applicant does not demonstrate competency, they can retake the assessment no later than the next day.

To become certified as a Registered Behaviour Technician, applicants must show they possess the knowledge, training, and skills necessary to practice the ABA methods. To achieve this, the BACB administers the RBT Competency Assessment. The BACB requires the RBT and his or her supervisor to have a contractual relationship with a client organization.

The BACB Task List approved the changes to the RBT Task List in December 2018. The changes have been implemented to clarify the expectations for RBT practice and to ensure adequate support for interventions. Some items were removed, such as assisting with implementing stimulus fading. Other changes included removing items considered advanced but requiring more advanced training for entry-level RBTs.

KU’s online RBT training program

KU’s online RBT training program is designed to provide students with the same quality education as face-to-face classes. The course includes online modules, activities, and a final exam. Students will also receive study guides and mock examples. Students can also purchase additional study courses or training materials, such as an RBT practice exam, which can help them pass the test quickly. KU’s online RBT training program also contains live instructor support and research-based course materials. Combined with its hands-on approach and high pass rate, KU’s RBT course is designed to provide students with a valuable education that will help them serve patients faster, provide higher-quality care, and save time.

A Board-Certified Behavior Analyst guides KU’s online RBT training program. Students should spend approximately four hours per week on their online courses. The course is offered in three semesters: fall, summer, and spring. Students can register for the program online and complete the course and all of its activities at their own pace. In addition to offering a flexible schedule, KU’s online RBT training program is affordable.

Thrive Behavior Center’s requirements for RBT certification

If you’re interested in becoming a Registered Behavior Tech, there are a few requirements that you must fulfill. These requirements include a high school diploma, completion of a 40-hour training course, a background check, and a competency exam. You must also be at least 18 years old. Once you’ve met these requirements, you can sign up for the RBT examination through Pearson Testing.

While the University of Kansas’s RBT course prepares participants for the RBT exam, you should know that this certification course does not guarantee you’ll pass the exam. However, it does include a mock competency assessment that will help you practice for the test. Additionally, you’ll have access to valuable mentorship from a BCBA. Furthermore, the course qualifies for continuing education credits.

Keeping current with changes to the RBT Task List is critical for maintaining certification. Failure to keep abreast of these changes may delay certification or renewal, which could affect your ability to provide services and bill your agency. Fortunately, these changes are minimal. Although the overall structure of the RBT Task List remains the same, several individual items have been added or removed. RBTs need to stay on top of the changes to ensure that they are still up to date with the latest standards in the field.

Cost of RBT certification

If you’re planning to become an RBT shortly, you can choose to attend an RBT certification training. Businesses or organizations typically offer these courses. They include a lot of training, practice exams, and competency evaluation. This training can help you land a better job and make more money.

You can choose between online or on-site training. Online training courses can cost as little as $100. However, the initial fee for the exam can run up to $50. To qualify for the exam, you must submit a certificate of completion from your previous training. This certificate will show that you completed the required 40 hours of training. It will also list the training provider and the date of the training. After you’ve submitted your documents, you need to schedule an exam. The exam can be taken online or at a Pearson testing center.

You should know that RBT certification is paraprofessional training. It shows you have the skills and knowledge needed to perform behavior analysis services. It also protects consumers by ensuring the provider has adequate supervision and training. To become an RBT, you must meet the eligibility requirements and adhere to an ethics code.