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Real Football Game – Find out why it is the Best


Today, we will review real football game 2013, so many people say that it’s a perfect game, and the best, but I’m not on the same page with them.

FIFA can be the undisputed king of soccer games on the console, but it’s a whole different ball game when it comes to smartphone sports.

Gameloft is hoping that Real Football 2013 (also known as “Real Soccer 2013” in the U.S. store) will be able to take advantage of FIFA 13’s delayed launch at the Play Store this year to amass as many downloads as possible, but how does it equate to its rivals?

The game is not bad, but it’s not perfect or the best, let’s discuss the gameplay more.

Real Football Game: Gameplay

When you launch Real Football game for the first time, you can opt to take ownership of a team from various leagues around the world.

Pro Evolution Soccer enthusiasts will undoubtedly be delighted to see the return of teams such as ‘Man Red,’ as Gameloft has not secured the rights to the titles of any of the units available. This sets the tone for the rest of the game, which has an incredibly casual feel.

There’s only one game mode available to you in Real Football, in which you take charge of the club and lead them through the season, like FIFA’s career mode. Unfortunately, you can’t just plunge into a fun game with the CPU or your mates.

 Often one of the obstacles, I decided to take Blackpool to start my career-you can pick teams from the first two stages of English football. I was suddenly offered the opportunity to make severe changes to my side by signing none other than Neymar for free.

Like the old LMA Manager games on PlayStation, Real Football goes beyond matches, allowing you to monitor any part of the club you pick when you start the game. You can upgrade anything from the stadium to the spa club, but it all costs money because Real Football is a freemium game. Real money, guy.

Real Football Game – The freemium model can be popular with Android, offering a steady stream of revenue after the game has been downloaded, and countering piracy. Still, sadly, it makes Actual Football a lot less fun than it should have been.

If you take the whole club management thing seriously, you’ll want to make sure you have sufficient fitness rooms, a decent hospital, and an enticing spa. Yes, indeed, a hotel will help the players prevent injuries.

The Controls

If you’re hoping to admire the perfect game in all its glory, you’ll probably be left feeling a little depressed after the Real Football round.

Real Football Game – Given the tools available, Real Football Game doesn’t do a bad job; the graphics are as decent as you might imagine on a mobile computer, but you never feel fully in charge of the game using the virtual buttons offered.

When you’re in control of the ball, you can use three buttons in the corner of the screen to pass, aim, or run. Tapping past where your player helps you do a few tricks, but don’t expect a goodies exhibition here, you’re limited to a few moves.


Can you pay to play better in Real Football Game?

Actually, the answer is yes! If you want to upgrade the hospital to level 3. Great, that’s going to be 15 coins, please. Don’t you have enough money? Nice, you can buy more with your hard-earned, real dollars. These updates don’t come cheap either; 1300 coins are going to give you 70 quid back! I can buy FIFA 13 on the PS3 for that amount of money and pick up 24 beers to go with it. Even the smaller buying of a “fistful of cash” (20 coins) is going to cost you £1.49.