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Exclusive Soccer Stars Review: Is The Game Below Average?


Soccer Stars Review agree that the game belongs more to Billiards than Soccer, considering the label.

Rather than traditional ball-kick abilities, the trick to Soccer Stars is to rebound the robust orbs that reflect players across the stadium, and ideally into the goal. It’s a different mechanic than most, but it fits mostly.

Soccer Stars focuses very much on professional online games, but there is an offline version. Mixing one in one session and competitions, the game’s point remains the same-scoring two goals in front of the other team.

Soccer Stars Review – Each team consists of five orbs that can be knocked about in a variety of ways. One drags a finger behind the ball to drive it toward the target. They are compassionate enough that they can bounce off other orbs, as well as the walls around each pitch.

Given the drag mechanics, an extra finger is required to fill the missing space at the screen’s edge. That can make things unpleasant, but it’s all about work.

Often it may sound very spontaneous, but some practice strategies are beginning to show through. Not every movie needs to be connected to moving the ball closer to the target. Instead, defensive moves, such as inserting an orb in the goal, will make a difference in the search for victory.

Soccer Stars Review: Game Strategy

Limited time is given to each player to take their turn such that each match goes very rapidly. Coins are won for wins and only used to qualify for more critical tournaments.

It’s a basic idea, but the fun is more derived from playing the game. It’s possible to bring different teams together, but I didn’t find it an especially appealing possibility.

Soccer Stars Review is also a bit of fun, however. It could do some more structure to interest teams, but it’s still a pleasant diversion and links to the soccer fever that’s going on right now.

Any players will be warned that it needs a Facebook account, but it’s pretty discreet on that front. It scratches a superficial itch to pick up and play some game.

Engaging Users’ Soccer Stars Review

Now, I will show you some Soccer Stars Reviews by users who played it for a long time, let’s get right into it.

1. I’ve been enjoying this game for quite a while. It’s been a good game. I mistakenly made a purchase one day and got it cancelled. As soon as I did, I couldn’t play this game again, even after downloading it again and again. Miniclip got angry that I cancelled because I couldn’t play. I can play on other machines, but I can’t play this one. This is the one that I used to cancel the purchase made by accident. Well, it was incorrect. 


2 . I wouldn’t say I like this game because I still have to play with an AI, your advertisements make people want to play the game, they figure out it was fake, and they automatically bring out players who are better than your rank. I suggest that you get another game because this is a complete scam. 


3 . Ads keep showing up now and then, correct pain needing to leave the game and start again to avoid waiting for the dumb ad to end.

Obviously, looking at these soccer stars reviews, we can say that the game isn’t perfect or free of mistakes, but you still can enjoy it, and even get addicted!


How many levels are in the soccer star?

There are 190 leagues left to ascend. Your league is focused on your rank at the beginning of the week. Level up to the leagues and win the greatest prizes.