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Winner Soccer Evo Elite – Your Interesting Guide


Winner Soccer Evo Elite is a simple 3D professional soccer game. It contains the rosters and the current details from the 2014 World Cup.

There are different modes to pick from, such as the Cup, the League Match, and the Friendly Match. It’s got up to 126 teams and 2600 players. Smooth behaviour and replay features make you feel like you’re really in the game.

Modes Of The Game

Winner Soccer Evo Elite has several formats, including World Cup, Club Cup, Championship Match (Premier League, Lega Serie A, La Liga, and CSL), Friendly Match, and Penalty Shootout.

Winner Soccer Evo Elite also has a preparation mode for you to practice your team’s skills, categorized into primary, medium, and advanced.

  • Friendly Match Mode: You can pick two teams from 62 club teams to play or shoot a goal.
  • Cup Mode: You can choose your favourite team from 64 national teams to play in the World Cup.
  • League Mode can pick a team from Britain, Italy, Spain, or China to play for the championship.
  • Training Mode: You can pick a squad to develop its organizational skills.

Winner Soccer Evo Elite Operation Skills.

Winner Soccer Evo Elite offers two modes of service. You should pick the most fitting one. (You can change the method under Menu Options or tap || to activate the Menu in the game.)

In the Options Support menu, you can read the Control Process.

Winner Soccer Evo Elite – The action takes an ordinary foreign course, setting five pass ball keys: Short Pass/Press and Long Pass/Slide Tackle, Aim, Pass/GK Rush Out, Long Pass, and Special Dribble/Focus Shift.

  • Quick Run: it’s a short offence pass. Let the controller click the opponent’s dribbler in the defence.
  • Long Transfer: Press Force Accumulate and pass the ball to the friend at the required distance after release. Let the controller slip tackle while you protect yourself.
  • Shoot: Do various shooting acts depending on the power accumulation and the distance between the shooter and the ball.
  • Unique Dribble: With various particular dribble actions: Marseille roulette, Walk forward, Step forward and Pull back.

An automatic mix of skills:

  • Pass: Pass the ball to the catcher according to Power Accumulate.
  • Long Throw: Pass the ball to catcher with Long Pass according to Power Accumulate.
  • Sprint: swift Dribble, quick pace of Dribble, but subpar control of the ball.
  • Drive the ball out: stop the ball away from the body to make it possible to dribble.
  • Dribble with a long-distance: Double click in front while short Dribble will dribble more and make it easy to dash.
  • Fake Shoot and Fake Long pass: Pressing Short Pass when (or after) Shoot or Power Accumulate will cancel a shot or a long pass. They’re used to dribble past adversary Defenders or GK.
  • One-Two Pass: Two teams are working together to dribble past enemy Defenders.
  • Lob shoot: Press the Special Dribble button to shoot.
  • Monitor the ball tracks: Click the path keys to control the flying ball arc.

Some Reviews

Let’s check out some of the reviews of users who spent lots of time playing Winner Soccer Evo Elite…

1 . The game is good with less storage, but it does not allow us to play with it. Sometimes, I see that glitches are happening like it shows that I have scored a goal when it falls on the net.

2. perfect and easy game… Easy to understand the controls. And very very easy to play… I love this game… The graphics are also well enough.. but I think this game is soo good…

3 . There is no league mode. I was hoping to play in league competitions, but they did not have it, but they made the expression in the photos they stole from the World Soccer League the original form of the game.


Is the game worth installing?

The answer is yes! The game is awesome, and it’s really good to play.