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Score Hero Review: Our Old Beloved Best Game


Score Hero Review agrees that the game is a smart, strategy-based football game built for mobile phones that works pretty well on a small screen.

Instead of ramming a directional pad and four buttons on a small screen to combat our fat thumbs, it focuses on slowing down, puzzle-styled gaming.

Released in 2015 by the maker, First Touch, Score Hero plays in scenarios. You can hop into a 2 zero game and start the puzzle.

The play ends, you have a glimpse of the pitch and the players in front of you, and you draw the phone lines from the ball carrier to the one you want to pass to. Work your way up the pitch until you hit the target of shots and aim to beat the keeper. Be the Hero of Score.

Score Hero Review: Live The Game

Score Hero Review – In the 90th minute, you may be plunged into a game losing 1 zero. The game is playing, and your side has a foul. The animation ceases, and you’re on the penalty spot against the keeper to save a draw. It would help if you were three-nil up, taking a corner.

Draw a line to one of your players in the field. The animation kicks in, and assuming the ball makes it your player, it stops before it hits them. Now draw a line to the target that we expect to score.

A basic-sounding game, sure, but one that performs so much better than a complete 90-minute mobile football gameplay. The computer is far too little for them to function very well. Scoring Hero is working, mainly. It’s perfect for writing a post on a computer game that’s way more positive than negative.

There is still a great deal of material. They were standing at more than 240 heights. 240 in the main game, but there are also bonus seasons included. They play in a short time, adding another ten stages on special occasions.

Score Hero Review: Each situation has a big goal. Score a goal or several goals to achieve it. There are bonus missions to get lost in as well. Strike 2 goals with a header, score three kicks and add a bit more replay value to getting the stars to complete the scenario.

Complete the scenario, and you’ll get 1 of 3 stars, complete the system and the bonus missions, and you’ll get up to 3 stars. They’re not meaningless stars, either.

Score Hero Review: the game’s history 

I was a massive fan of score hero when I was young, I spent hours playing the game, and I remember having so much fun playing it.

Playing this game isn’t as easy as it sounds, you’re going to have to put a lot of thought into the next pass. You have a triangle of vision to deal through, and you can go around the triangle.

A low first move could leave the player in a position where no one in the triangle can pass to the next.

Score Hero Review – You have to try to adjust the ball’s speed to the running players’ movement. You’ll have to manoeuvre it around several defenders, curl it around walls, and often even work backwards into your own goal to try to build some space for a forward pass, basically, like real soccer.

There’s a lot of content, and you’re going to have to hit your phone the second time the message arrives to say that your lives are being loaded. Score Hero is one of the best examples of developers understanding mobile devices and how to make a game work within its boundaries.


Is there an end to hero score?

As of December 2020, score hero pulled the plug and planned to end the game after 40 seasons. After accumulating all 2,400 points, all the score hero reviews are sad to see the end of it. Season 40 was really interesting.