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The Burrow Cafe Menu in Antipolo, New Mexico


The Burrow Cafe is a delicious restaurant that doubles as an all-day breakfast spot. The menu features a varied selection of breakfast favourites and an extensive lunch menu. Highlights include Caldereta Short Ribs, Salmon Crabfat Emulsion Barley, and Sourdough Pizza. The Burrow Cafe is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and accepts reservations.

All-day breakfast

The Burrow Cafe is a New Mexico restaurant with a takeout menu and a cozy dining area. It is located in the heart of Burrow Park, near the Burrow River. This restaurant is worth checking out if you’re planning a trip to Albuquerque. Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends and during holidays.

During the pandemic, the Burrow Cafe was one of Antipolo’s most popular al-fresco cafes. The cafe is part of Vitty & Marie Gutierrez’s Antipolo Bee House. Chef Danilo Puga, formerly of Mince, prepares the food, whose unique creations keep the menu fresh and exciting. The Burrow Cafe offers lunch and dinner daily, but reservations are required.


The Burrow Cafe serves a unique menu that changes every three months. It features a menu with pasta, soup, and sandwiches and offers a diverse variety of options. In addition, the cafe provides seasonal fruit shakes and local craft beer. You may also eat out in this cozy nook near the Burrow River.

The Burrow Cafe is located in a gated community overlooking the river. The restaurant’s interior is rustic and welcoming, with antique metal lawn chairs and wooden tables. There is a fully functional kitchen. Burrow’s menu changes every three months, and the owners base the items on locally sourced produce.


During the pandemic, the Burrow Cafe was one of Antipolo’s hottest al fresco cafe spots. Located in Vitty & Marie Gutierrez’s Antipolo Bee House, the cafe’s menu is vibrant and fresh, thanks to Chef Danilo Puga, formerly of Mince. The café is open during the day and by reservation.

The Burrow Cafe has a rustic, wrought-iron interior. The dining area is adorned with colourful hammocks. Floor-to-ceiling windows and flowy white curtains provide a rustic ambience.

Poke bowls

If you’re in the mood for sushi, you can choose from a range of options on the Burrow Cafe menu, including poke bowls. The cafe also offers vegan options. The Burrow Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM and from 8 AM to 5 PM on weekends. Though the cafe does not offer walk-in service, customers can order to go.

The decor is organic and minimalist, with a natural feel to it. Even the retail area is full of all-natural items such as raw honey and homemade body products. The cafe also sells artifacts made by local watercolour artist Emma Gutierrez. You can even get a piece of homeware designed to promote zero-waste living. The Burrow Cafe is a beautiful tribute to the environment.

Utensil-free crepes

There are no utensils required to enjoy a crepe at Burrow Cafe. The menu consists of sweet and savoury crepes. If you’re looking for a new place to get delicious crepes, the café is a great choice. The Burrow Cafe offers both takeout and a sit-down dining experience. It also has a Facebook page where you can post comments about your experience.

A full bar offers a decent selection of drinks. You can choose from a long list of good concoctions, and be sure to get a table in a comfortable chair. The restaurant is an L-shape and offers both a bar and intimate seating in the back. Crepes are available in several flavours, so you’re sure to find a crepe to suit your taste.

Venue for photo shoots

The Burrow Cafe is a unique venue for intimate gatherings or romantic dates. Located at the base of a private bee house, this space has a secret hideaway perfect for photo shoots. The cafe is accessible via a tunnel located 76 steps away from the entrance to the property. It has a cozy atmosphere and a modern feel that makes it a popular location for photo shoots.

The Burrow Cafe offers a rustic yet elegant vibe, with its large windows overlooking the surrounding forest and river. It features wooden tables and vintage metal lawn chairs. Inside, the cafe has a fully functional kitchen. A rotating menu is available each day. In addition, guests may order from a rotating menu inserted in a hardbound book, with only 20 dishes being served at a time.