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What’s on the Boujee Menu?


If you are wondering about the Boujee menu, you’ve come to the right place. This article will look at what you can order at the Hideaway and Terrace by Boujee. We’ll also look at how much they charge and how to get delivery for your boujee orders.

Terrace by Boujee’s boujee menu

The Boujee menu at Terrace by Boujee is a scattershot affair. It includes everything from gnocchi to phosphorescent salmon sashimi. You’ll also find dishes like triple cheese bon bons, which look like mini Greggs cheese and onion pasties. And what’s more, you’ll find a selection of drinks on the menu, including PS12 pornstar martinis.

Lystra Adams, a real estate investor and model, co-founded the Boujee brand, which opened its first restaurant in Liverpool in May. The former Real Housewives star is one of the company’s three directors. The restaurant chain has a branch in Manchester and another in Chester.


Prices on Boujee’s menu are generally reasonable, ranging from R80 to R150 for an essential cocktail. However, if you’d like a specialty cocktail, you can pay a little more for a more robust drink. Prices on the menu are divided into two categories: the basic drinks and those made with hard liquor. You can view the costs of the various beverages on their website or call in to order a specific drink.

Delivery fees

Boujee Food & Things offers food delivery in Kent through Uber Eats. However, the app’s delivery charges may vary depending on your zip code and membership level. Some locations may also offer a $0 Delivery Fee on select orders. To find out if Boujee Food & Things offers food delivery in your area, try using their website or app to place an order. Once you’ve chosen what you want, add it to your shopping cart. You can then review and track your order.