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Sage and Gravel Clothing Reviews


If you are looking for a good cycling clothing company specializing in gravel clothing, Sage and Gravel Clothing is a good option. The brand has an impressive history, starting with racing bikes. Their first models, the Skyline and the PDXCX were based on the riders’ experiences in the Oregon gravel racing scene. In addition, their first gravel bike, the Barlow, featured 53/39 chainrings and was designed for all-day comfort.

Sage’s heritage as a race bike manufacturer

The Sage Powerline is a versatile bike priced well under $7,950. It’s made with titanium and is designed with current performance in mind. Sage’s heritage as a race bike manufacturer is apparent in its craftsmanship. The titanium frame is stiff and efficient for climbing, pedaling, and general fitness. Its lightweight design also minimizes trail chatter. Sage also intentionally shapes the seat and chainstays to provide an efficient pedaling position. Although the price is a bit higher than most hardtails, Sage does offer a full spectrum of customization options.

Sage’s bikes are designed and made in the U.S., with the majority of production happening here. This gives the company complete control over the supply chain, allowing them to meet riders’ demands at every level. Sage’s Powerline is no exception. The frame is made entirely of titanium, with no glaring defects. It also features an understated owl decal on the seat tube. And if you want a more personalized bike, you can customize it with a custom paint job.

Barlow’s Titanium frame

The Sage Titanium Barlow is one of Sage’s most versatile bikes. It’s built around a USA-made titanium chassis, with geometry inspired by road bikes and cyclocross bikes. As a result, the Barlow has a blend of comfort and toughness, making it an excellent option for gravel riding. Sage’s new titanium frame also boasts three water bottle mounts and a titanium seat post.

The Barlow is available with mechanical or electronic shifting systems. It has a patent-pending Cable Clip System, which cleanly routes cables under the down tube. It also features barrel adjusters for derailleur adjustments and provides a wired port for the internal routing of cables.

Chachi shorts

For the most part, Sage and Gravel Clothing shorts are mid-priced and have a casual feel. Their Chachi shorts are 11 inches long and have a variety of pockets to accommodate everyday necessities. For example, one pair is listed as 3-hour padded, while another is a more casual option that sells for 45 dollars. The Chachi shorts are comfortable and have a lot of pockets, including side pockets that are big enough to hold a wallet and two back pockets.

LightWave shorts

The LightWave shorts by Sage and Gravel Clothing offer protection and storage. These shorts have two back pockets with large openings that accommodate most anything. The rear pockets are sewn into the shorts’ back panel, while the front pockets are slightly smaller and sit tightly against the lower back.

On the Storm King cable clip system

The On the Storm King is a custom-built bike that blurs the lines between road riding and off-road biking. It has a drop bar design, rack mounts, and extra bosses on the frame for frame bags. It also features the Cable Clip System, which streamlines shift routing and brings external and internal mechanic cabling into synonymous use.

The frame has mounting points for three bottle cages, rack mounts on the front and rear, bosses on the top tube, and the Cable Clip System for cable management. It weighs 3.75 pounds and is available in seven sizes, starting at $3,200. The Storm King is also available in complete bikes starting at $7,500. If you don’t want to make the initial investment, you can order the bike with a frame.