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The best Cricket Revolution Review you will see on the Internet


Starting my Cricket Revolution Review, you should know that the game is a PC-only cricket game that plays very differently from the well-known Ashes Cricket, in the way that Pro Evolution Soccer plays differently from FIFA. 

Cricket Revolution Review very hardcore gameplay that pushes you to learn the complexities and rewards you with much greater pleasure when you eventually meet with success. 

When playing Ashes Cricket at the most superficial difficulty stage, I cracked successive boundaries and cleared the infield within minutes. 

Cricket Revolution Review ridiculed my attempts to do this my first game ended in a sad scorecard of 12 for 8 out of 10 overs. But after spending a few hours on the very well implemented nets (the game provides you valuable input on timing and footwork), I was able to progress to 56 for 3.

All theCricket Revolution Review agree that the game isn’t a game where you can smash any ball on the ropes-you’re going to have to play it like real Cricket, settle down, push in the gaps for singles, and hit just the poor ones, in the confessed fashion of Virender Sehwag. 

Cricket Revolution Review: it’s challenging.

Undoubtedly, the hallmark of the Cricket Revolution is its demanding and insightful beating scheme.

Unlike Ashes Cricket’s more forgiving method, which chooses your shots for you, Cricket Revolution demands that you calculate the line, duration, and speed of the ball, look at the ground and manually determine the images you’re playing.

 The joy of constructing an inning, working the singles, calm down, and eventually unleashing a flow of boundaries is sure to delight cricket purists. 

The only field where Cricket Revolution’s batting system lags is the complicated “placement” system, which isn’t as well implemented as Ashes Cricket’s. Still, it’s perfect after you get used to it. 

Bowling is much more conventional-you have a twitchy reticule to determine where you’re pitching (think about all the PC Darts games) and decide on swing/cut/spin and rhythm with a single spacebar button. 

Bat-ball physics is the best seen in the cricket game to date-my early batting misadventures involved inside corners, four-way Chinese splits, glitches, and top edges.

 These were considerably reduced as I took the time to develop my batting and pick the correct shots-a simple example of the creative and practical approach to the game. 

Cricket Revolution Vs. Ashes Cricket.

Unfortunately, the presentation is the leagues behind Ashes Cricket. There is no commentary and none of the visual blooms that modern gamers have come to suspect. 

There are no editable players since there is no official license, so you’re stuck playing international Cricket with guys with bland names like R Peter, D James, and Chicano’s very own S Rajesh. On the positive side, though, this game will run on even a small PC, like most onboard laptop screens. 

As a final word, the practical approach to gaming is much more suited to longer matches, leaving you to wonder if the test matches are not in the kit.

 I can’t imagine anyone of the experts on Cricket Revolution Reviews preferring Cricket Revolution to Ashes Cricket for fast, slam-bang matches (which are essentially about big-hitting, which is far more comfortable in the last game). Still, it’s a superior game for Test matches. Maybe in the sequel? 


Cricket Revolution Review: who is this game for?

Cricket Revolution is for people who are looking for a demanding, practical, and hopefully more rewarding cricket game, and who can look beyond a few flaws. Like real cricket, the game gives you as many as you put in it-take the time to learn its controls and complexities, and you’ll be rewarded with hours of deep and engrossing cricket gameplay.