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Puzzle Quest Review – Why it is The Exclusive


Puzzle Quest is a mammoth title when it comes to the puzzle game universe. There are two main Puzzle Quest titles to date, and in this Puzzle Quest review, we will be looking at why the game made such an impact on the gaming scene. There are dozens of factors that are attributed to the success of the franchise. In this Puzzle Quest Review, we will be picking our favorite bits from the game to show you just why it is such a marvel.

Puzzle Quest Review- Our Favourite Bits 

Here are some of the bits from the entire Puzzle Quest series that make it to our favorite bits for this Puzzle Quest Review.

Diverse Characters

One thing that was missing in puzzle games was the character. Puzzle Quest was one of the first puzzle games to add character defense to the game, and they have managed to make the game better and, most importantly, intriguing. In Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns, you can choose a character class amongst the five available character classes. After selecting a character class, you can then use a custom name and select a preset character face. The character diversity does not only end with you being able to choose your character. There are dozens of villains in the game. These include spiders, monsters, and skeletons. This adds a whole new dimension to the puzzle gaming scene. 

Pretty Good Graphics

This is one aspect of the game that could have used a little improvement, but we just had to mention it in our Puzzle Quest Review. Overall it is not that bad. The game graphics are quite clear, and depending on the console you are using, you can get full HD gameplay. Some of the game characters are not that pronounced, though, and most game critics praised red flags over this. The developers promised to fix that problem if there ever was a new edition to the game, and we hope that they keep their word.

Mind Taxing and Challenging

The game is easy to learn, straightforward the struggle comes to the mastering part. The game is challenging. That is what you expect in a top tier puzzle game. The game has built a reputation of being mentally taxing from the initial release, and in all the spinoffs, they have kept this theme. The first Puzzle Quest installment, which came out in 2007, sent gamers into delirium, mainly due to the final puzzle’s difficulty. Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords had a unique feel to it in terms of the game’s challenging aspect.


The Puzzle Quest Review sure fire s had the perfect combination you would expect in a game of the match. The game has leveled, questing, and, most importantly, character progression. These three elements make the game a must-play. The game developer s carried the same aspects into the direct sequel Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns. The sequel and the last installment in the series infused and improved all three elements. They also invested the game mechanics from Bejewelled to add that flicker of nostalgia to the game. The combination of these elements gives the game that unique feel you would want in a puzzle game.

Puzzle Quest Review- Final Thought

Both Puzzle Quest Review and the spinoffs in between them are quite good. There is not much advancement in n terms of the two main games. This is quite an advantage. It would help you easily integrate into the new game if you played the first edition of the game. Everything said and done, the Puzzle Quest series is an excellent game series, and it deserves all the applause it gets.

If you are in or a quest that will require mental with and a little patience, you need to give Puzzle Quest a try. Any edition of the series will provide you with that suspense that you love puzzle games.


Is Puzzle Quest on Switch?

Puzzle Quest is available on Nintendo Switch

Is Puzzle Quest Free?

Puzzle Quest is not free, it retails at $9.99

How many Puzzle Quest games are there?

There are two main Puzzle Quest games and several spin-offs